This Pandemic Is Not Over Folks!

   Ok, I know: people are sick and tired of the COVID Pandemic.
   I get it. I am too. We want are lives back. Dream about things being normal. Doing things we used to do. I hear you.
   But folks, this thing is not over.
   The Delta Variant of COVID is much more contagious than earlier variants and is now the dominant form in the United States and much of the world. Case numbers are quickly rising so that almost the entire country is now rated by the CDC as having substantial or high rates of transmission. We are seeing increased numbers of younger people getting severe COVID cases that are sending them to the hospital.
   Thing is: there have been too many people refusing to get vaccinated and not wearing masks when they should. Earlier in the summer, too much of the population started acting like the Pandemic was over. They stopped wearing masks and quit social distancing. This allowed the virus to spread faster. The more a virus spreads, the more mutations occur. These mutations lead to new variants. Add in the fact that many people had not been vaccinated, and you have a recipe for disaster.
   Well, the disaster is here.
   So, everyone needs to buckle down and do their part in battling COVID-19. Practice social distancing and wear masks when inside public places or in large crowds. And unless your doctor has legitimate medical reasons not to, get vaccinated! If everyone would do their part, we could get through this much faster, and that would help people get back to more normal lives quicker and safer. But more importantly, it would save lives.
   So please do your part.
   Practice social distancing!
   Wear masks inside public places and in large crowds!
   And unless your doctor has legitimate medical reasons not to, get vaccinated!

COVID 19 Is Scary, But Hang In There! We Will Get Through This!

   Hey there everybody!
   I know times are stressful with COVID 19 and people being home so much with social distancing and all.
   Strange times indeed.
   For some with families, significant others, and roommates, there will be too much togetherness. People getting on each other’s nerves! For we all need some me time now and then.
   For others like me, being alone and feeling lonely could get worse.
   Whatever your situation, be strong, hang in there, and don’t give up! We will get through this.
   Try to relax and do some things you enjoy at home. Read a good book, watch some movies and TV shows, play games (board or video), do a puzzle. Get creative. Write in a journal or create a story. Draw or paint. Get online and expand your mind. Many museums have parts of their collections available for viewing online. Research something out of pure curiosity, like learning about Amelia Earhart or checking out NASA images from its space probes and rovers.
   Hang in there! Keep your chin up!
   We will get through this!

While COVID 19 Is Scary, Remember That We Will Get Through This!

   Yes, with the COVID 19 situation, times are scary. Almost seems like some pandemic disaster movie except this is real life.
   But don’t panic!
   Don’t! Won’t do any good. Keep calm and educate yourself on what to do. Practice social distancing, wash your hands more frequently (certainly before touching your face), cough or sneeze into your arm or shoulder, and check out what local, state, and federal authorities are saying. Health departments, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the World Health Organization (WHO) are also resources you can explore. If you think you might have COVID 19 (or been exposed to it), call your doctor, ER, etc first before going in so that they can take appropriate measures to protect everyone (including themselves).
   Remember that lots of things can cause coughs and most people who catch COVID 19 recover. If you are in a high risk category, educate yourself on extra precautions you should do.
   Keep your chin up.
   When you go to the grocery store, get what you need for an appropriate amount of time, but don’t overdo it hoarding things because we all need to eat, clean, and have toilet paper. I like having toilet paper lol. Be considerate of others.
   Don’t let yourself get too stressed out, anxious, or depressed. Mental health is also important.
   You can catch up on reading good books as well as watching movies and shows via Netflix and Amazon Prime. Play games (board or video games). Do puzzles.
   People who are not under an actual quarantine, can get outside. Many people are able to walk around neighborhoods or parks while practicing social distancing.
   You can communicate with others via phone, email, text, video chat, and so on. And while it’s natural to talk about COVID 19, discuss other things too! Have some laughs!
   Keep your chin up.
   It’s not the end of the world!
   We will get through this!

With COVID 19: Stay Calm, Educate Yourself And Don’t Panic! We Will Get Through This

   The new coronavirus outbreak (COVID 19) is scary I know.
   But keep calm, don’t panic, and educate yourself.
   Use multiple sources for information such as local and state health departments, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), WHO (World Health Organization) as well as good medical sites like Johns Hopkins Medicine.
   Learn about the situation and keep up to date since things are changing.
   But stay calm. Panicking only makes things worse.
   We will get through this.
   It is not the end of the world.
   Take care and try to relax.

The White House Response To The New Coronavirus Needs To Improve

   3-7-20: The new Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) is scary, but people need to stay calm, first and foremost. Panicking only makes things worse.
   The US has made some mistakes. For one thing, there are currently not enough tests available. On top of that, some of the early ones that went out had problems.
   There have also been mixed messages coming from different parts of the federal government with one contradicting the other. Donald Trump has certainly been one of the major parties exacerbating this problem. On top of that, Trump called Washington state’s Governor Jay Inslee “a snake” because Inslee criticized the federal government’s response.
   Well, the federal government has made mistakes, and I can’t blame Inslee from speaking up about it. But Trump’s calling the governor “a snake” during this crisis is shamefully childish and exemplifies the lack of coordination and poor Ieadership coming from the White House.
   During a crisis such as this, a president should be providing clear, accurate, decisive leadership to the entire nation. Calling a governor an immature insult is the opposite of what he should be doing.
   In addition, the federal government needs to get everyone on the same page as much as possible to provide accurate information so that people know what is going on and what they should be doing. As it is, confusion is far too common with many Americans not knowing what to listen to and who to ask when they have questions.
   There are countless people working tireless at the local, state, and federal levels, and I truly appreciate their efforts. But I hope the federal government’s response improves soon, particularly the White House’s. State governments are working hard in responding to SARS-CoV-2. There needs to be effective coordination and cooperation between the local, state, and federal levels  Scientists in this country and around the world are burning the midnight oil as they strive to learn more about the virus and come up with ways to combat it.
   Whatever happens, stay calm. We will get through this.

Use Good, Reputable Sources In Learning About Coronavirus. And Don’t Panic!

People are getting understandably nervous about the new coronavirus  which has popped up on the scene lately.

While yes, it is scary, don’t panic!

Won’t do any good.

Be careful about where you get information because there are all sorts of rumors spreading on Social Media about it right now. Check out good, reputable sources such as the CDC for learning more and getting advice.

A few tips to remember are wash your hands thoroughly and regularly with soap and water for at least a good 20 seconds. Sneeze or cough into your clothes at your shoulder/upper arm area, NOT YOUR HANDS because doing so into your hands would spread contagions even more. Clean surfaces you are in contact with regularly. Don’t touch your mouth with your hands if they are not clean.

I’ve attached some good links that have more detailed information and advice.