Bisexual+ and other LGBTQ Issues

Bisexuality: The potential for attraction to more than one gender (any gender), not necessarily to the same degree, in the same way, or at the same time.
Bisexual+ (Bi+): There are numerous names people use for being attracted to more than one gender (or attracted to someone regardless of gender). These include Bisexual, Pansexual, Fluid, Omnisexual, No Label, Queer (a catch all for all LGBTQs), and so on. As a result, a + is often added to make an umbrella term that includes all people who can be attracted to more than gender whatever name they prefer.

   Guess what!
   Bisexual+ people are real!
   Another thing to learn is that Bi+ individuals can be totally faithful and monogamous.
   Yep, it’s true.
   Now, like any community, there is a wide range of Bi+ folks from all walks of life with a plethora of feelings and outlooks. Most are looking for, or are in, monogamous relationships while there are others in ethical open or polyamorous relationships. Different terms are used as well such as Bisexual, Pansexual, Fluid and so on. Bi+ is an umbrella term encompassing anyone who can be attracted to more than one gender, whatever label(s) they prefer.
   The vast majority of Bi+ people are decent human beings hoping to find someone special. Searching for love, romance, companionship, chemistry, and connection. Sound familiar?
   And sure, like all communities, there are a few jerks. But they are the exceptions, not the rule.
   One of the big problems facing Bi+ today is how so many people believe or go along with unfair, preconceived stereotypes which are not true the majority of the time. Bi+ are not a bunch of confused, lying cheaters, yet way too much of society go along with these ridiculous notions. This is why so much of the Bi+ Community suffers in the closet, afraid of what will happen if their secret is discovered. And Bi+ individuals who are out frequently face intolerance and prejudice from members of the Straight and Gay/Lesbian Communities, often finding dating brutally difficult as a result.
   This needs to change.
   People need to educate themselves and open their minds.
   They should not be intolerant, jumping to unfair conclusions, just because someone is Bi+.
   They need to remember that Bi+ are people too and deserve a chance.
   Remember: Love Is Love!

There is way too much prejudice against Bisexual+ people these days!
Bi+ can be totally faithful and monogamous!
Bi+ are not a bunch of confused, lying cheaters. Most want to find someone special.
To love and be loved.
To have someone to share life’s moments with.
But too many people in society today choose to believe unfair stereotypes that are wrong for the majority of Bi+ individuals. As a result, most Bi+ live in the closet, afraid of what might happen if they are discovered. Waiting for the ax to fall.
It’s time for everyone to open your hearts and minds! Let go of unfair preconceived stereotypes so that everyone can have a chance at finding happiness and joy in their lives. Here are some resources to learn more about Bisexual+.

Here are some links to additional resources on Bisexual+ Issues: