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Loneliness is a serious problem these days. Studies are showing that increasing numbers of people are feeling isolated and alone.
Yet it seems that the subject is taboo for much of society. Like they don’t want to talk about it.
It’s easy to blame the lonely person as if it must be all their fault. It’s common for people to think there must be something wrong with that lonely person, and then they frequently stay away. Don’t want to get involved.
And that makes the lonely individual feel even more isolated and alone.
Loneliness happens for a whole myriad of reasons. Physical isolation, feeling different from those around you, others treating you harshly or unfairly, sexuality, gender identity, bad experiences with people, depression, anxiety, past trauma, the list goes on and on.
Often, the reasons for a person’s loneliness is complex with multiple factors involved.
It’s time to quit treating loneliness as a taboo subject. We as human beings and as a society need to address it.
Individuals dealing with loneliness (and I’m one) should try to look at yourselves to see what you can do to try to make things better. Have the courage to look at yourself. See if there are things you can improve upon because there are often multiple causes to loneliness, and sometimes our own actions can be inadvertently contributing to the problem. Believe in yourself. That you are good and deserve happiness. To try to enjoy your own company. To do things you enjoy and try to find contentment on your own.
But also to try to talk to people. To interact with others. Try to be friendly and positive when you can in dealing with people you meet. I know it can be difficult. After getting hurt over and over, it’s easy to lose faith in humanity. To expect to be hurt and let down yet again. We have to be careful with those feelings because it can also lead to isolating ourselves even more. This can make the situation worse.
Have the courage to try to meet people. When people aren’t interested in being friends (and it will happen), don’t let it get you down.
Believe in yourself, shrug it off and keep on trucking!
Don’t let the failures consume you.
Don’t give up.
Those of us who are lonely need to realize that we’ll be ok on our own but that we should still try to meet people.
We must remember that despite the failures and setbacks, finding friendship is still possible and that we deserve it!
And don’t be afraid of talking to a professional if you need.
Now, to people who are not dealing with long term loneliness, open your minds and hearts. Don’t treat a lonely individual as some infectious person who should be avoided. Recognize that your actions (or lack thereof) could be contributing to the problem.
Consider talking to the lonely individual. Engage in friendly conversation. Be kind and considerate. Don’t automatically reject someone because they may be socially awkward, hurting, or quiet.
Talk to them. Show interest in them. Let them know you care. Initiate contact with them to say hello. You’d be surprised how supportive it would be to a lonely person if you’d send them a message of hello. Show them you are interested.
You may find a great and loyal friend.
So we all need to be open to talking about the problem of loneliness in our society. To learn and open our minds.
For together, we can make things better for everyone.

Online Scammers Hurt People And Society As A Whole

   Damn scammers!
   Yes, you heard me right. Damn those scammers.
   These days, it seems like dating sites, many Facebook groups, and other online social sites are riddled with fake profiles run by scamming operations. It’s infuriating and very hurtful. It also costs society a lot of money.
   The US Federal Trade Commission says it logged reports of 21,000 romance scams costing an estimated 143 million dollars in 2018. Think about that. $143 million in one year, and that’s just romance scams. There are many other types of scams going on these days. Plus, consider how many more victims were too embarrassed to admit that they had been duped by a scammer.
   In addition to monetary losses, scammers take a heavy toll on people emotionally and psychologically. It interferes with our ability to find new friends or real romance by affecting our trust in online social sites and people in general. How many individuals have given up on even trying to improve their social situation because they seem to keep running into scammers? As a terribly lonely person myself, I can attest to how infuriating and hurtful it is to keep running into scammers when I’m just trying to find a friend.
   So, be careful when online. Don’t reveal important information to individuals online you don’t truly know with 100% certainty whether they are real or not. And even if they are real, hackers can steal data. While many scammers are pretty easy to identify, some are very clever. Plus, when you are lonely, it’s easy to ignore the red flags that you are dealing with a scammer because you want to believe it’s real.
   Dating sites, social sites, and other online groups can be quite helpful. But be careful and protect yourself from scammers too.

The United States and Guns

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