Why Is There So Much Prejudice Against The LGBTQ Community? Why?

   Why is there still so much prejudice against the LGBTQ (Queer) Community?
   LGBTQ people have been around for the entire history of humanity, and LGBTQ behavior is also seen in other animal species.
   So where did all this prejudice and hate come from?
   The answer isn’t simple.
   Numerous factors are involved in creating intolerance and prejudice because I don’t think people are born that way.
    Lack of understanding is a big one. Many people don’t understand what it means to be LGBTQ. They don’t know the challenges and pain many LGBTQs face on a regular basis. They don’t seem to grasp that being Queer is part of who a person is and cannot just be switched off (and shouldn’t be switched off). There is nothing wrong with being LGBTQ. Being LGBTQ can and should be a wonderful thing.
   Now, add on influences from people, organizations, schools, churches, leaders, family, and friends. If many of those  surrounding influences are prejudiced themselves, that can affect a person’s thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors, especially if the individual already has a lack of understanding about the LGBTQ Community. Think about it. Imagine an individual who doesn’t really understand the LGBTQ Community and may have some insecurities and misconceptions about the subject. Now, picture a scenario where many of the important people in this person’s life don’t get the Queer Community either and often make derogatory jokes at the expense of LGBTQs. This often encourages and can worsen the individual’s intolerant views and behaviors.
   Something else to keep in mind is how intolerance and prejudice can be insidious so that individuals frequently don’t recognize that they are prejudiced themselves. Of course, there are other people who know they themselves are but have so much hate that they don’t care. Either way, they are harming innocent people.
   Such hurt can manifest in many ways. It can occur when people make fun of someone just because that person is LGBTQ. Or when an organization refuses to help because those in need are Queer.  Another example is how many people categorically refuse to date someone they would be interested in otherwise just because that person is LGBTQ (Bisexual+, Non-binary, and Transgender individuals are frequently the victims of this).
   In early 2020, Tennessee signed into law new regulations that allow religious based adoption agencies to automatically reject prospective parents just because they are LGBTQ.  This is legalized discrimination. And now there are multiple “don’t say gay” laws as well as other legislation targeting the Transgender Community being pushed in states around the country.
   All this prejudice against the LGBTQ Community needs to change.
   Everyone should take a good hard look at themselves, their views, and the factors driving those views. All should educate themselves to better understand other people, including those who are different.
  It’s the 21st Century! Time for people to open their minds and let go of the intolerance and prejudice pervading society these days.
  It’s time…

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One thought on “Why Is There So Much Prejudice Against The LGBTQ Community? Why?

  1. I’ve been working on a novel about a MtF transgender and doing a lot of experiencing and empathizing with her and her own questions. She thinks that for transgenders one of the problems is others “wondering what’s under her skirt.” Others may be afraid of that unknown, also. So, anxiety about the unknown may be one reason. I’ve been reading a little on evolution and there’s the gene preference thing as well as kinship selection, althoiugh that doesn’t address why so many families reject. Possibly anxiety accounts for some of it. I know I get anxious in uncertain social settings. As for the violent aggression against them, it may reflect the current level of aggression fostered by our president. I wasn’t aware of hostility surrounding Christine Jorgenson. I just read TransPortraits, and it seems there’s a super amount of variety in the self experiences of the LGBTQ populations, and my heroine felt shame for misleading people. (After transitioning should she remain stealth? She feels she’s being dishonest with people. Why should she tell or why not?) The fact that with reassignment therapy one’s sexual preference may be beyond one’s control seems a little unsettling to me. Then there’s the conflict between living a life involving fighting for LGBTQ rights and Pride versus living a life involving a broader range of endeavors and additional values. The more I’m writing this the more I feel the unrest about the topic, because the existence and understanding of both cisgenders and transgenders is so variable and uncertain and maybe fluid and at least my heroine is sensitive to the slights of others because of her own feelings of shame. I’d be glad if you can critique my understanding and experience of the topic. The best friend I ever had was a gay, possibly bi-sexual man who died of AIDS.


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