This Pandemic Is Not Over Folks!

   Ok, I know: people are sick and tired of the COVID Pandemic.
   I get it. I am too. We want are lives back. Dream about things being normal. Doing things we used to do. I hear you.
   But folks, this thing is not over.
   The Delta Variant of COVID is much more contagious than earlier variants and is now the dominant form in the United States and much of the world. Case numbers are quickly rising so that almost the entire country is now rated by the CDC as having substantial or high rates of transmission. We are seeing increased numbers of younger people getting severe COVID cases that are sending them to the hospital.
   Thing is: there have been too many people refusing to get vaccinated and not wearing masks when they should. Earlier in the summer, too much of the population started acting like the Pandemic was over. They stopped wearing masks and quit social distancing. This allowed the virus to spread faster. The more a virus spreads, the more mutations occur. These mutations lead to new variants. Add in the fact that many people had not been vaccinated, and you have a recipe for disaster.
   Well, the disaster is here.
   So, everyone needs to buckle down and do their part in battling COVID-19. Practice social distancing and wear masks when inside public places or in large crowds. And unless your doctor has legitimate medical reasons not to, get vaccinated! If everyone would do their part, we could get through this much faster, and that would help people get back to more normal lives quicker and safer. But more importantly, it would save lives.
   So please do your part.
   Practice social distancing!
   Wear masks inside public places and in large crowds!
   And unless your doctor has legitimate medical reasons not to, get vaccinated!

Everyone Needs To Do Their Part In Battling The COVID Pandemic

   I know people are sick and tired of the pandemic. They want to get out and do things. They miss restaurants, family gatherings, bars, movie theaters, the list goes on and on.
   People are getting impatient. They want their lives back to the way they were before.
   But folks, the COVID Pandemic is still raging.
   People are still dying. As a matter of fact, people are dying at a daily rate that is higher than was seen back in early 2020 when strict shut down measures were first instituted.
   We must all do our part to fight this deadly disease, and that means keep wearing masks and social distancing in public. It also means that when your turn comes to get a vaccine, get it! Unless your doctor has genuine legitimate reasons not to, get a COVID vaccine when your turn comes because it’s not just about protecting yourself. It’s about protecting everyone. In order to gain herd immunity in the population, we need as many people as possible to get vaccinated. That’s how it works. If a bunch of people refuse to get vaccinated, the pandemic will continue and people will keep dying needlessly, tragically, and before their time.
   So please, please, please: do your part.
   Practice social distancing and mask wearing in public. Avoid large gatherings especially when indoors. And when your turn comes, get vaccinated!
   Together, we will get through this.

There Should Be A Mandatory Social Distancing/Mask Wearing Rule Nationwide

The United States has not come anywhere remotely close to controlling the COVID Pandemic. New case numbers are rising throughout the country, and frankly, the Trump Administration has grossly mishandled this crisis. We need nationwide rules requiring everyone to wear a mask in public when social distancing is not possible in order to get a better handle on this pandemic.

White House Continues Mishandling This Pandemic, And It Is Likely Costing Lives

   We are in the middle of a pandemic, yet the Trump Administration continues to grossly mishandle this crisis.
   Trump has tried to downplay the seriousness and severity of this pandemic from the very beginning.  He wasted weeks early on instead of being proactive, and as COVID 19 has continued to spread, his response has been erratic, irresponsible, disjointed, and disorganized.
   Social distancing and mask wearing in public are vital to controlling this pandemic, yet Trump almost never wears a mask. This alone is sickeningly irresponsible since millions of Americans follow his example. As a result, because he doesn’t appear to take COVID seriously, neither do they. This has clearly increased the number of people who are not social distancing or wearing masks like they should.
   On top of that is Trump’s being all over the place in terms of what he says and does with regards to the pandemic. He has blatantly exaggerated and lied numerous times, undermining his own scientists and other government officials. Because of this confused, chaotic behavior from the White House, governors have been left to their own devices far too much, resulting in a disorganized, patchwork response to the COVID pandemic where some states have done a decent job and others have done an abysmal one.
   Now, the White House is ordering hospitals to report new COVID cases directly to Washington, bypassing the CDC. This is deeply disturbing. The CDC is a key organization in the fight against COVID. Will it still have access to all the data? Will it be allowed to make the information public as it has been doing, or will the White House attempt to restrict access for political purposes?
   The consequences of this grossly mishandled response to the crisis is plain to see when you compare how the US is doing compared to other places like South Korea, Europe, and Canada. To this point, the US has not dropped the curve like these other nations have done, and the American rate of infection is going up significantly.
   We need to speak up and demand that the government do a better job at both the state and federal levels. They should work together in a more responsible, proactive, organized way.
   Unfortunately, I doubt this will happen until Trump is voted out of office.
   Whatever your political beliefs, it is time for everyone to unite behind the Democratic presidential nominee, Biden, in order to vote Trump out of office because like it or not, the next president will be Trump or Biden. We cannot afford 4 more years of Donald Trump. Too many lives are on the line.

Stop Hoarding Paper Products and Cleaning Supplies! It’s Selfish And Rude!

   The COVID 19 pandemic is frightening and stressful. I get that.
   But folks, it is not cool to hoard paper products and cleaning supplies! Frankly, the practice is getting out of control, selfish, thoughtless, and rude.
   Yes, we need to plan ahead and not wait to run totally out of toilet paper before getting more. But don’t buy 6 months worth, cleaning out the shelves!
   Other people need it too!
   During times like these, we need to be considerate of others. Not only think of ourselves. We need to work together (while practicing social distancing).
   For we’ll get through this outbreak much better by thinking of one another as opposed to only thinking about ourselves.
   We can and will get through this!