We Must Fight COVID Aggressively Right Now And Avoid Getting Too Lax Too Soon

   The COVID pandemic has been raging for over a year now. People are getting tired of wearing masks, social distancing, not seeing friends and family in person, not attending gatherings, and so on and so on. A great number of people are hurting financially due to jobs being lost or hours being severely curtailed because of the economic impacts of the pandemic. Many businesses are suffering and quite a few sadly have closed permanently.
   So I understand why people are so eager to try to get life back to a more normal level.
   But, the pandemic is still raging. While in a number of areas, cases have slowed down to some degree compared to during the holidays, the numbers of new cases are still dangerously high. And in many states and cities, the rate of new cases right now is higher as compared to the spring of 2020 when states went into total lockdown.
   I’m not saying we should to go into a total lockdown again. But we must continue to fight the pandemic.
   Texas has rescinded its mask wearing mandate and is allowing businesses to open to full capacity. This is dangerously premature and in my opinion will absolutely cost lives to be lost unnecessarily and tragically. It’s way too soon to open businesses at 100% capacity, and rescinding mask wearing mandates is grossly irresponsible.
   The COVID virus has mutated as viruses due. Currently, there are multiple variants spreading around the country and the world. Several have shown to be more contagious than the original strain. We also can’t say how efficacious the current vaccines will be against all these new variants. This is why mask wearing, social distancing, and restrictions on how many people are allowed inside businesses are still vitally important in fighting this virus.
   What we need is for everyone around the country and the world to continue wearing masks and social distancing in public. Businesses will have to find ways to function as best they can with restrictions such as limiting the number of customers allowed inside. We also need as many people as possible to get vaccinated as soon as they are able. If we do this, we will get control over the COVID virus much sooner, which in the long run will save lives and help businesses get back to more normal levels sooner than otherwise.
   But fully reopening and relaxing mask wearing/social distancing rules too soon will prolong the pandemic and cost more lives to be lost, lives which could have been saved otherwise. The other thing that would prolong the pandemic is if too many people refuse to get vaccinated. In order to reach herd immunity, we need as much of the population to get vaccinated as possible.
   So please, continue taking precautions. Wear masks and social distance in public. And when your turn comes, unless your doctor has a genuine legitimate reason not to, get vaccinated against the COVID virus.
   By working together we can get through this and get through it sooner. But it’s up to all of us.

Everyone Needs To Do Their Part In Battling The COVID Pandemic

   I know people are sick and tired of the pandemic. They want to get out and do things. They miss restaurants, family gatherings, bars, movie theaters, the list goes on and on.
   People are getting impatient. They want their lives back to the way they were before.
   But folks, the COVID Pandemic is still raging.
   People are still dying. As a matter of fact, people are dying at a daily rate that is higher than was seen back in early 2020 when strict shut down measures were first instituted.
   We must all do our part to fight this deadly disease, and that means keep wearing masks and social distancing in public. It also means that when your turn comes to get a vaccine, get it! Unless your doctor has genuine legitimate reasons not to, get a COVID vaccine when your turn comes because it’s not just about protecting yourself. It’s about protecting everyone. In order to gain herd immunity in the population, we need as many people as possible to get vaccinated. That’s how it works. If a bunch of people refuse to get vaccinated, the pandemic will continue and people will keep dying needlessly, tragically, and before their time.
   So please, please, please: do your part.
   Practice social distancing and mask wearing in public. Avoid large gatherings especially when indoors. And when your turn comes, get vaccinated!
   Together, we will get through this.



Members Of The Far Right Are Trying To Get Dr Fauci Fired

    Members of the far right are calling for Dr Fauci to be fired, and Donald Trump even tweeted about them. Such an idea is dangerously short sighted. Battling a pandemic, this is no time for extremist partisan politics.
    Dr Fauci is an expert in the field of infectious disease and his input as well as honesty are desperately needed in the Trump Administration as well as by the American people.
   During this pandemic, Trump’s behavior has been erratic with him telling exaggerated and false information far too often. He has continued going after individuals (including reporters, governors, and more) with immature and outrageously vicious partisan attacks.
   Dr Fauci’s wisdom, leadership, and forthright honesty are desperately needed during this time of crisis.
   Speak up and make your voices heard that Dr Fauci must stay in his position!
   Use social media and contact your elected officials demanding Dr Fauci be allowed to continue his life saving work!
   Lives are stake, perhaps even your own.



Battling COVID 19 Requires Better Federal Government Response And Leadership

   So far, during this COVID 19 outbreak, a number of governors have really risen to the challenge. Governor Cuomo (D) of New York, Governor Inslee (D) of Washington, and Governor Hogan (R) of Maryland are 3 examples who are working hard to be proactive in battling COVID 19. But responses have varied between various states around the country with some reacting more aggressively than others. There are state leaders listening to the scientists and medical experts while some are not doing so as much as they should. Thing is, COVID 19 is spreading quickly, and experts are saying that we need serious, coordinated action now throughout the country to try to lower the rate of infection; otherwise, our health care system will be overwhelmed as has occurred in parts of Italy.
   The federal government’s response has not been anywhere near what it should be. A big part of that is due to the Trump Administration.
   Trump did not appear to take COVID 19 seriously early on and wasted precious weeks downplaying the threat instead of proactively battling and preparing for it. Even now that he seems to realize the situation is serious, his statements and actions appear scarily erratic.
   In daily briefings, he has made numerous exaggerated and false statements which officials have had to correct during the same briefing. One moment he acts appropriately presidential, and the next he is behaving like a spoiled two year old lashing out at a reporter who had asked a legitimate question.
   During these difficult times, we need stable, honest, strong, bipartisan leadership. Trump has failed in this thus far.
   Politicians need to listen to the experts and work with each other, even when on different sides of the political divide. The federal government needs to show greater leadership and coordination so that all the states are working together and not piece meal. It also needs to coordinate with the private sector in what is needed, such as producing more ventilators. The federal, state, and local levels of government need to address how workers are going to be supported as more and more get laid off or sick. Part of slowing the spread of COVID 19 is ensuring workers have support and don’t end up working sick out of desperation or unfair business practices. And we all need to educate ourselves about hand washing, better hygiene, and social distancing.
   Everyone must work together in battling COVID 19.

With COVID 19: Stay Calm, Educate Yourself And Don’t Panic! We Will Get Through This

   The new coronavirus outbreak (COVID 19) is scary I know.
   But keep calm, don’t panic, and educate yourself.
   Use multiple sources for information such as local and state health departments, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), WHO (World Health Organization) as well as good medical sites like Johns Hopkins Medicine.
   Learn about the situation and keep up to date since things are changing.
   But stay calm. Panicking only makes things worse.
   We will get through this.
   It is not the end of the world.
   Take care and try to relax.




Confusion About Where To Obtain Good Information On The New Coronavirus

   Many Americans are confused about where to get good, reliable information about SARS-CoV-2, the new coronavirus.  I don’t blame you. With so many organizations as well as different branches and levels of government involved, it’s hard to know where to turn.
   Another issue complicating the situation is that Donald Trump’s comments and actions with regards to SARS-CoV-2 seem to be all over the place. He has made numerous incorrect statements and has contradicted other government officials on multiple occasions.
   So, where do we turn?
   Well, speaking for myself, I’m looking at multiple sources that include the CDC (Centers For Disease Control and Prevention), WHO (World Health Organization), State Health Departments, reputable medical sites (such as from Johns Hopkins Medicine), plus other state and local sources.
   Remember to stay calm. Educate yourself on the situation and learn about what appropriate measures to take.
   Stay home if you are sick with a potential respiratory infection. Wash your hands thoroughly and more frequently. Cough into your upper arm/shoulder area (not into your hands). If needed, call your doctor or the hospital, especially if you are getting a more severe infection. These are just a few basic things. Take a little time to research the situation yourself (using good sources) for more information.
   And above all, don’t panic!
   We will get through this!