Members Of The Far Right Are Trying To Get Dr Fauci Fired

    Members of the far right are calling for Dr Fauci to be fired, and Donald Trump even tweeted about them. Such an idea is dangerously short sighted. Battling a pandemic, this is no time for extremist partisan politics.
    Dr Fauci is an expert in the field of infectious disease and his input as well as honesty are desperately needed in the Trump Administration as well as by the American people.
   During this pandemic, Trump’s behavior has been erratic with him telling exaggerated and false information far too often. He has continued going after individuals (including reporters, governors, and more) with immature and outrageously vicious partisan attacks.
   Dr Fauci’s wisdom, leadership, and forthright honesty are desperately needed during this time of crisis.
   Speak up and make your voices heard that Dr Fauci must stay in his position!
   Use social media and contact your elected officials demanding Dr Fauci be allowed to continue his life saving work!
   Lives are stake, perhaps even your own.