White House Continues Mishandling This Pandemic, And It Is Likely Costing Lives

   We are in the middle of a pandemic, yet the Trump Administration continues to grossly mishandle this crisis.
   Trump has tried to downplay the seriousness and severity of this pandemic from the very beginning.  He wasted weeks early on instead of being proactive, and as COVID 19 has continued to spread, his response has been erratic, irresponsible, disjointed, and disorganized.
   Social distancing and mask wearing in public are vital to controlling this pandemic, yet Trump almost never wears a mask. This alone is sickeningly irresponsible since millions of Americans follow his example. As a result, because he doesn’t appear to take COVID seriously, neither do they. This has clearly increased the number of people who are not social distancing or wearing masks like they should.
   On top of that is Trump’s being all over the place in terms of what he says and does with regards to the pandemic. He has blatantly exaggerated and lied numerous times, undermining his own scientists and other government officials. Because of this confused, chaotic behavior from the White House, governors have been left to their own devices far too much, resulting in a disorganized, patchwork response to the COVID pandemic where some states have done a decent job and others have done an abysmal one.
   Now, the White House is ordering hospitals to report new COVID cases directly to Washington, bypassing the CDC. This is deeply disturbing. The CDC is a key organization in the fight against COVID. Will it still have access to all the data? Will it be allowed to make the information public as it has been doing, or will the White House attempt to restrict access for political purposes?
   The consequences of this grossly mishandled response to the crisis is plain to see when you compare how the US is doing compared to other places like South Korea, Europe, and Canada. To this point, the US has not dropped the curve like these other nations have done, and the American rate of infection is going up significantly.
   We need to speak up and demand that the government do a better job at both the state and federal levels. They should work together in a more responsible, proactive, organized way.
   Unfortunately, I doubt this will happen until Trump is voted out of office.
   Whatever your political beliefs, it is time for everyone to unite behind the Democratic presidential nominee, Biden, in order to vote Trump out of office because like it or not, the next president will be Trump or Biden. We cannot afford 4 more years of Donald Trump. Too many lives are on the line.



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