It’s Time For Everyone To Start Working At Healing This Battered, Divided Nation

   Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won the presidential election, and yes, this is a big deal. A potential turning point to begin the process of healing this bitterly divided, battered nation.
   I’m an Independent politically. In some ways, I’m very liberal while in other ways I’m moderately liberal and moderate. Like many people in this country, I’m a mixture.
   We’ve all seen how viciously divided this nation has become. While Donald Trump’s outrageous rhetoric has seriously inflamed this state of affairs, others on all sides of the political spectrum have contributed to it.
   Many people have gotten to the point where they see almost anyone who doesn’t agree with them enough as a mortal enemy. Instead of calmly discussing issues, learning about (and from) one another, people often lash out. They frequently refuse to listen to the other side or even consider different points of view.
   Another trend contributing to this problem is how many people only surround themselves with others who agree with them and exclusively seek out information from sites that tell them what they want to hear.
   Thing is folks, this is not healthy, and it’s hurting our nation.
   Like it or not, this country is made up of people with a whole plethora of views, ideas, and outlooks. We are not going to agree on everything, yet we still have to live together. We need to find ways to talk and listen to each other. Learn from one another. Find ways to work together.
   I think most people in this country are sick of the vicious divide that has been tearing things apart. It’s time for change.
   We need to do better. We should be able to have healthy, rational, calm discussions with people who hold different views. We ought to be learning from one another and seeking out ways to work together. Frankly, people (whatever their political views) need to get out of their comfort zones and seek to open their minds. Get information from a variety of different sources and hear what others have to say. Try to find ways to educate, learn, listen, and work together.
   And yes, sometimes this will mean making some compromises, and I’m talking to everyone here. Liberal, conservative, in between, whomever you are.
   I truly hope that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris start bridging some of the serious divides plaguing our country and get people talking again. Strive to get some bipartisanship back in government.
   But they can’t do it alone. Let’s all start working at the process of healing this battered, divided nation.

There Should Be A Mandatory Social Distancing/Mask Wearing Rule Nationwide

The United States has not come anywhere remotely close to controlling the COVID Pandemic. New case numbers are rising throughout the country, and frankly, the Trump Administration has grossly mishandled this crisis. We need nationwide rules requiring everyone to wear a mask in public when social distancing is not possible in order to get a better handle on this pandemic.

US Leaving WHO Would Be A Huge, Costly Mistake For Everyone!

   Trump is now threatening to withdraw the United States from the World Health Organization (WHO) altogether. Such a move would be hideously irresponsible, dangerous, hurtful, and could cost lives.
   WHO is doing vital work around the world in the war against COVID 19. Yes, it has made mistakes. People everywhere have. Thing is, WHO is trying and has admitted to some blunders. The organization plays an important role in helping nations work together in fighting this global pandemic. We need WHO now more than ever because with it, the world will get a better handle on COVID 19 much quicker and more effectively than compared to nations working more separately and piecemeal.
   Trump has made numerous mistakes with regards to this pandemic. A big one was his downplaying the problem for weeks despite warnings from experts and the US Intelligence Community. His behavior, statements, and actions have been erratic and all over the place leaving the US federal government’s response chaotic, confusing, and disorganized. As a result, state governors have had to do significantly more than they should have and has resulted in too much of a varied, patchwork approach in fighting the pandemic in the United States.
   A major difference between WHO and Trump is that Trump is not acknowledging his mistakes. Instead, he is blaming others. I suspect part of Trump’s reason for acting like this is to try to divert attention away from his own mishandling of the crisis. This sort of behavior is dangerously immature, counterproductive, and hurtful. It negatively impacts the battle against COVID 19 by creating unnecessary divisions while potentially decreasing WHO’s ability to function as it needs to.
   The COVID Pandemic is a time when people, organizations, and nations should strive to work together as much as possible. Acknowledge mistakes, learn from them, and try to do better.
   Trump’s behavior, while not surprising, is hindering the response against COVID 19. And this could cost lives. The United States must stay in the World Health Organization! In addition to that, Trump and the US federal government need to do better.

All States Must Institute Stay At Home Orders Immediately! Anything Less Is Grossly Irresponsible!

   It’s way past time for all states to institute stay at home orders!
   Anything less is grossly irresponsible and will cost lives!
   COVID 19 is spreading rapidly. Evidence is revealing that a significant number of infected people show no symptoms but can still spread the virus. Considering this and the fact that the United States is still way behind in testing, it is quite clear that the COVID 19 virus is more widespread than people realize.
   Local, state, and federal levels of the US government need to become better organized, improve coordination, and work together more effectively. And this includes the remaining governors wising up and instituting stay at home orders.
   They can’t afford to wait for the White House to tell them because Donald Trump is frankly not rising to the occasion of leadership during this crisis. His behavior and actions have been erratic, confusing, and disorganized. He has frequently exaggerated, lied, and publicly undermined other government officials. Even though experts (including the US Intelligence Community)  warned of the oncoming pandemic, Trump clearly downplayed the problem early on, which wasted valuable time and allowed the virus to gain a stronger foothold in the US more quickly. This has led to a steeper infection curve which now threatens to overwhelm health care systems in hotspot areas.
   All state governors must enact stay at home orders immediately, and all levels of government need to work together more effectively, listening to the experts, so that we can properly deal with this outbreak.
   Lives are at stake.

All Levels Of The US Government Must Work Together More Effectively During The COVID 19 Outbreak

   The United States’ response to the COVID 19 outbreak has been plagued with confusion, disorganization, chaos, false information, and mistakes.
   The Trump Administration dangerously downplayed the problem early on even though medical experts, scientists, and the US Intelligence Community warned of the oncoming disaster. Trump acted like things were fine when they clearly weren’t. This wasted too much valuable time. As a result, the infection curve is much steeper than it could have been. Trump has exaggerated and lied too frequently, even to the point where infectious disease expert Dr Fauci would have to correct him during the same press conference.
   There has been way too much confusion with one government official saying one thing and Trump saying something very different. Leaves everyone from the average citizen to state governors uncertain about who to believe and what will happen. This is an extremely dangerous state of affairs during a pandemic.
   While many governors are trying to be proactive in dealing with this crisis, states are responding in a patchwork of ways and are too often left scrambling trying desperately to obtain life saving equipment, often having to compete against each other over limited and increasingly expensive resources. Some unscrupulous businesses are price gouging in order to make more money (which is sickening considering lives are at stake).
   During this emergency, partisan politics need to be put aside. The federal government needs to be more involved and better organized. Governments at the local, state, and federal levels should work together more effectively in getting resources where they need to be, and price gouging must be controlled.
   There has got to be better, more effective organization than has occurred thus far!
   Frankly, a big part of this includes Donald Trump needing to improve his behavior and/or step back and let other officials handle the crisis. The various levels of government have got to get better organized and more on the same page, which includes Trump listening to the experts and stopping his exaggerations, lies, and public undermining of other government officials.
  Many lives are stake.
  Time to step up, work together, and get things done.
  Not doing so will mean people dying who could have been saved otherwise.