JK Rowling’s Transphobic Comments And Positions Hurt Many People

   Personally, I think it’s time to move on from Harry Potter because JK Rowling’s numerous transphobic comments have been, and continue to be, extremely hurtful to the transgender community. And the thing that makes it worse is that she seems to continue to double down on her transphobic positions instead of opening her mind and trying to become more supportive of the transgender community.
   Transgender people are hurting these days because so much of society has very intolerant, ignorant, and prejudiced attitudes aimed against them. According to the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), 29% of transgender adults live in poverty in the United States, and 22% are lacking health care insurance. 54% have been the victims of domestic violence, yet only 30% of women’s shelters are willing to house transgender women. 47% of transgender people have been sexually assaulted, and during the years 2014 and 2015, 1 in 10 were physically assaulted.
   So it is clear that the transgender community needs support and understanding from society. This is why JK Rowling’s ongoing transphobic comments and positions are so deeply hurtful and damaging. There are examples of celebrities who have made troubling, intolerant comments who later made genuine efforts to educate themselves, open their minds, recognize what they had said was hurtful, and try to become supportive allies. But Rowling has not done this. Instead, she has doubled down on her transphobic comments and positions.
   So I think it’s time that we put Harry Potter in the past because I don’t think JK Rowling deserves any more of our money. She has become extremely wealthy from Harry Potter, so much so that her current net worth is estimated at around 1 billion dollars. She doesn’t need any more money, and frankly, because of her ongoing transphobic behavior, I don’t think she deserves any more money. A clear way to send a message to someone like JK Rowling is to stop supporting the thing that has made them wealthy and famous, and in this case, that is Harry Potter. I’m not going to buy her books or watch her movies. I don’t want her to get a penny of my money. We can also make our voices heard with companies that profit from Harry Potter such as HBO. There have been rumors that HBO might be considering a Harry Potter series. We should contact HBO and tell them we are categorically against such a move due to JK Rowling’s transphobic behavior. As a matter of fact, I’ve already sent HBO several messages about this. Remember, when you speak up, be thoughtful and considerate in what you say and be sure you can back up your positions with facts. Don’t spew out hurtful, personal attacks because doing so is wrong and also backfires since people will tune you out and ignore you.
   Together, we can make a difference in creating positive change. So let’s make that happen.


Proposed Anti-Transgender Bills Reveal How Much Ignorance, Intolerance, And Prejudice Still Exist In This Country

   Where in the hell did all this hate come from?
   I’d really like to know.
   It’s the 21st century, and one would hope that we’ve come a long ways as a species. And while there are people who are tolerant, open-minded, and compassionate, it seems there are many these days who are full of intolerance and prejudice. And what’s even more disheartening is how they seem more vocal and are even trying to pass laws based on their intolerance. This latter is particularly disturbing and frankly disgraceful because it harms innocent human beings.
   Think about that. People are trying to pass laws that will harm innocent human beings. And that’s exactly what is happening with these anti-Transgender laws that many Republicans are trying to pass in states throughout the country. And Transgender kids are a particular target with these proposed laws.
   They’re targeting kids for goodness sakes!
   Kids who are already struggling as they try to be who they are and how they want to live their lives. Far too many Transgender kids are already the victims terrible bullying in school from other kids, and on top of that, a great number also have to deal with intolerant teachers who don’t use the correct pronouns and look at them with derision and even disgust. Such incessant, vicious bullying and treatment are major reasons why Transgender kids have higher suicide rates. They need encouragement, support, and help. Not more bullying, intolerance, and hate.
   Yet many Republicans are trying to pass laws that would make the lives of Transgender kids even more difficult by doing things like banning them from participating in sports with the teams that match their preferred gender. What’s even worse is that several of these laws prevent doctors from prescribing medical therapies that help Transgender kids in their journey to be who they truly are. An example of this is how several of these laws prevent doctors from prescribing puberty blockers. Puberty blockers are medications that are entirely reversible and give a Transgender kid time to discover who they are and want to be. We’re not talking about surgery. Doctors are not performing gender surgeries on minors. We’re talking about medication which is reversible and that research proves support and improve the lives of many Transgender kids.
   People who are pushing these anti-Transgender laws clearly do not understand what being Transgender is all about. Yet instead of trying to educate themselves, they are working to pass laws based on their ignorance, intolerance, and prejudice against Transgender individuals.
   This is so sick and wrong. It makes the lives of Transgender kids even more difficult and will increase the likelihood that some will commit suicide. To be frank, those who pass anti-Transgender laws will have blood on their hands.
   It’s time for all of us to speak up in support of the Transgender community and against these horrible anti-Transgender bills. Put pressure on politicians who are pursuing such disgraceful legislation. And when they come up for re-election, vote them out of office.
   It’s time for people to open their minds and their hearts. Educate themselves and strive to be more compassionate and understanding of others, even when those individuals are different from themselves.

The Republican Party Appears To Be On A Dangerous, Dark Path

   Seems to me that the Republican Party is going down a seriously dangerous, dark path when you stop to consider what has been going on lately. Think about it. I’m not talking about tax rates or the like. No. I’m looking at the way too many members of the Republican Party are going along with disturbingly extremist influences that are terribly harmful to other people and undermining to our democratic values.
   We saw this trend pick up steam during the Trump Administration when Donald Trump and others in the Republican Party did things like attacking the free press, encouraging xenophobia, denying science, and viciously going after the election process itself. On multiple occasions, Trump seemed to go out of his way to avoid criticizing white supremacists and other extremist elements, which in turn emboldened them to come out of the woodwork and spread their vile, disgraceful intolerance, bigotry, and hate more than they had in many years.
   Trump’s unfounded, dangerous attacks on the 2020 election then exacerbated the boiling cauldron of intolerance, xenophobia, paranoia, and hate to the point where it exploded on January 6th when the entire world saw the angry mob of Trump supporters literally attack the United States Capitol Building. Even now with Trump out of office, he is still spreading despicable, dangerous lies about the election which is further encouraging these far-right extremists to the point where there is serious concern that they will conduct more domestic terror attacks upon our nation.
   Despite all of this, a large percentage of the Republican Party is continuing to go along with (and even blindly follow) Donald Trump’s twisted, self serving, dangerous, narcissistic whims and lies. They are frequently denying science so that many refuse to wear masks or get vaccinated against COVID (thus worsening and prolonging the pandemic). A scary percentage still question the validity of the 2020 election despite the overwhelming evidence that it was free and fair. This in turn has led to efforts by many Republicans in numerous states to try to pass laws which would make it more difficult for many people to vote, which is clear voter suppression.
   There are other disturbing trends emanating from the Republican Party. One is the way many Republicans continue to deny human-caused climate change and often promote the use of fossil fuels despite the fact that this worsens the climate change crisis the planet currently finds itself in. This is also very narrow-minded economically because the future is not in fossil fuels but in renewable energy instead. Another sickening trend is the way the Republican Party in many states is attacking the Transgender Community, particularly Transgender kids. These attacks are extremely harmful to innocent Transgender people and increase the likelihood that some may take their own lives.
   How long will this go on? How many lives are going to be lost and how much damage will our country have to endure before these dangerous trends by the Republican Party finally abate.
   Many Republicans see themselves as rugged individualists. But their behavior says otherwise. Instead, many have shown themselves to be blind followers who are unwilling to think for themselves, stand up for what is right, or speak out against what is clearly wrong.

There Are Multiple Factors Leading To Intolerance And Hate

   Where did all the hate and prejudice that is pervading society today come from? It’s the 21st century! Many of us want to think that society would be better than this, so why does it feel like so much intolerance is all around us.
   We live in an age of incredible advancements in terms of technology and communication. We have access to more information than anyone in human history and the ability to exchange information with one another faster than ever before. You’d think this would help broaden people’s minds as they learn about other people and far away places. And for some people, it has. But for others, it appears that this is not the case.
   So where is all this hate and prejudice coming from?
   I think the answer to that question is very complicated and varies from person to person. Often, it’s probably a combination of multiple factors that come together and lead to prejudice and hate.
   Lack of knowledge is a big one. People often fear what they don’t understand, so when they are confronted with something that they know very little about and is different from their own life experiences, many people respond with mistrust and intolerance. Their automatic response might be suspicion that it must be something bad and that they must stand against it.
   The influences of people and/or organizations in a person’s life which that person trusts are also major factors. If those influences consist of open-minded and tolerant attitudes, that could help broaden an individual’s mind. But when the influences are intolerant and close-minded, that increases the likelihood that an individual will adopt those attitudes as well, especially if the person was already leaning in that direction to begin with.
   Another issue is how so many people these days surround themselves with (or follow) individuals, websites, organizations, and other sources of information that tell them what they want to hear instead of giving them objective information and showing them diverse points of view. Again, this can reinforce intolerant and prejudiced attitudes that a person may already have and even make them worse.
   Fear of the unknown and of change also frequently comes into play. Many people don’t want to step out of their comfort zone. They want to surround themselves with what is familiar and what they prefer.
   So when you think about it, it’s easy to see how all these factors can combine in leading to intolerant, prejudiced attitudes.
   As a society, we must do better than this. People need to have the courage to open their minds and broaden their horizons. Think for themselves and don’t automatically believe some individual, organization, or website. Seek out sources of information that are varied, independent, and reputable. Have the courage to seek out new ideas and learn about different points of view. Recognize that there is often multiple ways to do things and accomplish goals. That this is a diverse planet and that we need to learn about one another, learn from one another, and strive to work together as best we can.
   It’s time to do better.

Most People Need To Educate Themselves About Bisexual+ Sexuality

  Let’s be clear here: I think most of the population still has a lot to learn about Bisexual+ sexuality. Evidence of this includes the fact that too many Bi+ individuals feel they have to live in the closet due to intolerance, lack of understanding, and prejudice encountered from too many members of the Straight and Gay/Lesbian Communities.
   This has got to change. It’s way past time for everyone to open their minds and educate themselves about Bi+ sexuality!
   So let’s get started.
   What is Bi+ sexuality you may be wondering. Well, Bisexual+, or Bi+, is an umbrella term for anyone who can be attracted to more than one gender whatever terms or labels they prefer, for there isn’t one label everyone uses. Bisexual, Pansexual, Fluid, Omnisexual, Heteroflexible, Homoflexible, and Queer (a catch all for all LGBTQ people) are just some examples. There are different terms and different ways people look at the potential of being attracted to more than one gender.
   Now, like any community, there is a wide range of Bi+ folks from all walks of life with a plethora of feelings, ideas, and outlooks. Bi+ can be rich, poor, young, old, cis gendered men and women, transgender men and women, nonbinary, genderfluid, genderqueer, you name it. Most are looking for, or are in, monogamous relationships while there are others in ethically open or polyamorous relationships.
   Everyone needs to recognize that the vast majority of Bi+ people are decent human beings hoping to find someone special. Searching for love, romance, companionship, chemistry, and connection. Sound familiar?
   And sure, like all communities, there are a few jerks. But they are the exceptions, not the rule.
   One of the big problems facing Bi+ today is how so many people believe or go along with unfair, preconceived stereotypes that are not true the majority of the time. Bi+ are not a bunch of confused, lying cheaters, yet way too much of society goes along with such ridiculous notions. This is why so much of the Bi+ Community suffers in the closet, afraid of what will happen if their secret is discovered. And Bi+ individuals who are out frequently face intolerance and prejudice from members of the Straight and Gay/Lesbian Communities. As a result, Bi+ often finding dating brutally difficult since so many people categorically refuse to go out on even one date once they realize an individual is Bi+.
   Newsflash folks: if you like someone, you’re interested in them in many ways, you both want a monogamous relationship (for example), and so on, but you automatically refuse to go out with them once you realize they can be attracted to more than one gender, that is a form of prejudice!
   This needs to change.
   People need to educate themselves and open their minds.
   They should not be intolerant, jumping to unfair conclusions, just because someone is Bi+.
   They need to remember that Bi+ are people too and deserve a chance.
   Remember: Love Is Love!




Prejudice Arises For A Plethora Of Reasons, And Everyone Should Be Aware And Battle It

   Where does prejudice come from?
   An age old question, don’t you think.
   I’d say it often arises from a lack of understanding, stereotyping, jumping to conclusions, fear of something different, insecurities about one’s self…
   Am I getting warm?
   It is frequently taught, picked up, learned, and absorbed.
   A whole variety of influences can contribute to the formation of intolerant, prejudiced attitudes like that from parents, siblings, cousins, and other relatives as well as that from friends, schoolmates, co-workers, political leaders, religious figures, and so on.
   Prejudices can be blunt or be quite subtle and easy to miss. Many people harbor them without fully recognizing that some of the ideas they are clinging to really are intolerant. And other times, it’s more that they don’t want to admit it. But either way, the prejudices are there, lurking.
   Everyone should take a good, honest, hard look at themselves from time to time to see if they are harboring prejudiced feelings and attitudes. Find ways to make improvements and learn to better open their hearts and minds.
   For doing so will improve not just other people’s lives, but also their own.

Too Many Bisexual+ People Suffer Due To A Lack Of Understanding And Intolerance From Others

Bi+ is an umbrella term for anyone who can be attracted to more than one gender. Bisexual, Pansexual, Fluid, and so on all fit under this term.

And let me tell you: being Bi+ these days is not easy!

Too many people have a severe lack of understanding about, intolerance for, and even prejudice against Bisexual+ individuals. And this comes from members of the Straight and Gay/Lesbian Communities.

And it’s Bi+ who pay the price.

Too many Bi+ feel isolated and lonely, going through life without any sense of community. Because intolerance comes from members of the straight and gay/lesbian communities, most Bi+ live and suffer in the closet. Fearful of what might happen if their secret is discovered. It can be terribly painful and exhausting enduring that for years on end

For Bi+ who are out, many must deal with hurtful comments and other examples of intolerance. A great number find dating brutally difficult since so much of society categorically refuses to even consider dating a Bi+ despite the fact many Bi+ are monogamous and most want to find someone special.

It’s time for people to educate themselves and open their minds.

Let go of preconceived stereotypes that are untrue most of the time.

Everyone should work towards being more tolerant, kind, caring, and open-minded. Doing so would make the world a better place for all.

Here are some links to help.




People Need To Educate Themselves And Open Their Minds

What is Bi+ you ask?

Bi+ (or Bisexual+) is an umbrella term for anyone who can be attracted to more than one gender, whatever term(s) they prefer. Bisexual, Pansexual, Fluid, etc all fit under the Bi+ umbrella.

Next, more people are Bi+ than Gay/Lesbian.

Yes, it’s true.

Thing is, because of intolerances and prejudices coming from members of the Straight and Gay/Lesbian Communities, most Bi+ suffer in the closet. Afraid of being discovered, of being ostracized, losing friends, losing family, and so on.

Many people who are guilty of being intolerant against Bi+ may not even realize it. Too much of society these days believe unfair, preconceived, negative stereotypes that are untrue for most Bi+. These stereotypes include the ideas that Bisexual+ individuals must be confused, lying cheaters or some combination of that.

But most Bi+ individuals are decent, honest human beings hoping to find someone special. Many are totally monogamous as well.

Sound familiar?

It’s way past time for everyone to educate themselves and open their minds. Let go of preconceived stereotypes that are not true most of the time.

Stop automatically rejecting someone in the dating world just because they are Bi+.

Quit assuming a Bi+ individual must be confused and untrustworthy.

How would you feel if most of society thought these things about you?


Let’s all strive to be open minded people and make this a better, happier world for everybody!




Too Much Prejudice In Many Private Religious Schools!

The recent situation where a religious private school in Kentucky expelled a 15 year old girl because of the rainbow theme at her off campus birthday party is an example of the widespread prejudice that many such schools actively hold against people who are different. LGBTQ kids are frequently the victims of such discrimination. It’s sick and disgraceful.
   The girl in Kentucky may or may not be LGBTQ, and frankly, it should not matter. She is a child who deserves to be whomever she is and receive a quality education.
   I am deeply disturbed that so many private schools are free to maintain discriminatory policies as well as teach outdated, ill-informed, and at times prejudiced views to children. For example, some private religious schools teach kids that LGBTQ feelings are wrong and that evolution is incorrect. Imagine how you’d feel if you were an LGBTQ kid being taught that your feelings are bad. That confuses and harms such children increasing the risks of depression, getting bullied, and suicide. As a matter of fact, LGBTQ kids nationwide have higher suicide rates than Straight kids in the United States. I bet such rates are even worse in the circumstances I just described.
   Folks, evolution has been scientifically proven and being LGBTQ is natural and normal for millions of Americans. Having LGBTQ feelings is not wrong! And it is horrendous that private schools are able to teach kids the opposite.
   Seems to me, that we need standards that all schools, public and private, must adhere to.
   Schools should not be allowed to teach grossly outdated and/or prejudiced views to kids!
   No child should be expelled because they had a rainbow themed birthday celebration!
   It is tragically obvious that the United States has a long way to go in terms of equality, fairness, understanding, and decency.

Bisexual+ Are People Too Who Deserve Respect And A Chance

Guess what!
   Bisexual+ people are real!
   And Bi+ can be totally faithful and monogamous.
   Yes, it’s true.
   Like any community, there is a wide range of Bi+ individuals from all walks of life with a plethora of feelings and outlooks. Different terms are used such as Bisexual, Pansexual, Fluid and so on.
   Many want to find someone special and are completely monogamous while some are polyamorous or in ethical open relationships.
   And sure, like all communities, there are a few jerks.
   But the vast majority are decent human beings wanting to find love, chemistry, and connection.
   One of the big problems facing Bi+ today is how so many people believe or go along with unfair, preconceived stereotypes which are not true the majority of the time. Bi+ are not a bunch of confused, lying cheaters, yet way too much of society go along with these ridiculous ideas. This is why so much of the Bi+ Community suffers in the closet, afraid of what will happen if their secret is discovered. And other Bi+ who are out face intolerance and prejudice from members of the Straight and Gay/Lesbian Communities, often finding dating brutally difficult as a result.
   This needs to change.
   People need to educate themselves and open their minds.
   They should not be intolerant, jumping to unfair conclusions, just because someone is Bi+.
   They need to remember that Bi+ are people too and deserve a chance.
   Love Is Love! Here are some links that could help you learn more. http://stillbisexual.com/ https://bi.org/en https://biresource.org/