Washington DC Is One Of The Most Beautiful Cities In The Entire Country

   Washington DC.
   For many people these days, when they hear those words, they conjure up images of the vicious partisan politics which has been plaguing this country of late. They think of Republicans and Democrats in Congress at loggerheads against each other to such a severe degree that it often seems like little gets done.
   But what a great number overlook or forget is that Washington DC is one of the most beautiful cities in the entire country.
   Really, it is.
   Why, do you ask? I think it’s a combination of its distinctive layout, beautiful architecture, extensive monuments, and lovely parks.
   First, the layout. While Washington DC has the traditional north south and east west grid system of roads, it is also crisscrossed with impressive avenues that run diagonally through the city. This distinctive layout of streets creates unique intersections, such as traffic circles the centers of which often contain impressive monuments.  There are also numerous parks, big and small, scattered throughout the city which frequently contain statues and other monuments.
   Then you have the impressive architecture of the city which includes a variety of styles such as Classical, Neoclassical, Greek Revival, Palladian, Second Empire, Modern, and Postmodern. Another vitally important facet of the characteristic look of Washington DC is the fact that homes and buildings are not allowed to exceed a certain height. There are no skyscrapers within the city limits. The reason for this is so that the US Capitol Building and other monuments can impressively stand out instead of being overshadowed.
   And of course, one can’t forget the heart and soul of Washington DC: the National Mall. This beautiful park runs from the US Capitol Building to the Lincoln Memorial between which stands the towering Washington Monument. Lining each side are impressive national museums, including the National Gallery of Art as well as multiple branches of the Smithsonian Institution.
   The result is one of the most beautiful cities in the entire country. And if you don’t believe me, check out these photos. I think they’ll prove my point

US Capitol Building in Spring
DC row houses on East Capitol Street NE
Row houses on East Capitol Street NE
Home on East Capitol Street NE
Historic DC home
Sumner School Building. 1872. One of the earliest schools for African Americans in DC.
Georgetown University
United States Supreme Court
Washington Monument during the Cherry Blossoms
Smithsonian Castle on the National Mall
Park between Union Station and the US Capitol Building
Statue in DC
View of the Potomac River with the Kennedy Center and Watergate in the background.
Washington Monument in the Fall.
A neighborhood park during the Cherry Blossoms.
The Tidal Basin at sunset.
Korean War Memorial on the National Mall.
Jefferson Memorial at dusk.
Typical DC row houses. There are blocks and blocks of these throughout the city.
An intersection in a typical DC neighborhood of row houses.
DC residential neighborhood
Washington DC neighborhood
FDR Memorial in Fall
FDR Memorial in Fall
FDR Memorial in Fall
FDR Memorial in Fall

This Is A Great Time To Lose Yourself For A Bit In The Wonderful World Of Art!

   During these strange times of so much being closed and having to be at home way more than we are used to, don’t forget that you can still enjoy the incredible, magical world of art.
   Yes, art!
   Art can be a wonderful way to pass time and let your imagination wander. Experience a whole range of emotions such as joy, romance, happiness, sorrow, anger, excitement, curiosity, and more. You can get glimpses into the past or ideas of what the future might hold. You can lose yourself into a world of fantasy or explore images of stark reality.
   With art, the possibilities are endless!
   Yes, I know museums and private art galleries are closed right now due to the COVID situation, but you can still experience the magic of art!
   By using technology!
   Many great museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Louvre of Paris, the Getty Center of LA, and the National Gallery of Art in DC have substantial online collections that you can peruse and enjoy for free! Many private art galleries showcase pieces on their websites as well. Plus, you can do Internet searches for art. Type in an artist’s name, an art style, region, or whatever. Get creative and see what you can find.
   There is incredible art from all around the world that you can access at home with your computer, tablet, or smartphone.
   So go for it! Explore and perhaps lose yourself for a bit in the wonderful world of art!






“The Vexed Man” at the Getty Center in LA

People These Days Need To Open Their Minds And Broaden Their Horizons!

Remember folks, think independently, whomever you are and whatever your background.

Don’t blindly follow anyone because frankly, there’s been a lot of that going around these days.

Get information from a variety of independent, reputable sources because while there is a lot of good information out there, there’s a lot of bad information out there too, especially when it comes to Social Media.

Double check things. Triple check them! And don’t just follow sites that will tell you what you want to hear. Seek out diverse, varied sources. Explore different points of view. Too many people listen only to one leader or get information from the same source over and over. In addition, too much of the population only interact with others who agree with them, and as a result of all this, they become too isolated from other ideas and points of view. This is a problem in politics, social issues, religion, etc.

Think for yourself!

Open your mind and broaden your horizons!

Strive to be an independent, renaissance person.

I think you’ll find the world is a much more fascinating place and life an amazing experience if you do.

4 Prosecutors Withdraw From Roger Stone Case After Being Undercut By Higher Ups

Seeing how 4 Federal Prosecutors have withdrawn from Roger Stone’s case after higher up Department of Justice officials undercut them in sentencing, it sounds to me like Attorney General Barr and possibly others are following Trump’s wishes to go easy on Stone who is Trump’s friend.

If this is true, it is at the very least disturbing and in my opinion highly unethical. The DOJ is supposed to be more autonomous from the White House than other departments. It’s supposed to mete out justice fairly and impartially without White House interference.

Undercutting the Federal Prosecutors running the case in order to give special treatment to a Trump crony goes against what the DOJ is supposed to stand for. That is not impartial justice.

In my opinion, it sounds like gross favoritism and probably flat out corruption.


William Carney, African American Hero In The American Civil War

William Carney was born a slave in Norfolk, Virginia in 1840. His father, William Sr, escaped North via the Underground Railroad and after working hard, was able to buy freedom for the rest of his family. They settled in Massachusetts where young William learned to read and write, planning to become a minister.
   However, in 1863, 23 year old William Carney joined the 54th Massachusetts Black Regiment. He was now a soldier in the American Civil War.
   In July of that year, the 54th had joined other Union forces outside Charleston, South Carolina to take part in the assault on Fort Wagner, one of the installations guarding Charleston Harbor.
   On the 18th, the 54th was taking cover behind sand dunes about 1000 yards from the fort. When nightfall arrived, orders came through. The 54th was leading the attack on Fort Wagner.
   After dressing their lines, the regiment advanced across open ground under withering cannon and musket fire. Seeing the color bearer start to fall, Carney quickly dropped his gun and grabbed the flag moving to the front of the regiment. He and the 54th continued forward through a storm of bullets and artillery fire. Soldiers fell with terrible wounds but the regiment kept going with Carney at the front holding the American flag aloft.
   He crossed a ditch and clambered up the fort’s earthen wall. When Carney arrived at the top and looked around, he found himself surrounded by dead and wounded members of his regiment.  He was the only one left standing.
   Seeing Confederate forces moving in on him, Carney worked his way back down the wall through the carnage and made it to the ditch that was now waist deep in water. Crouched down, he thought about his next course of action. As he rose up to get a look around, William Carney was shot. A second bullet struck him shortly after. While Carney was painfully pushing his way towards friendly lines, he spotted a soldier from the 100th New York. The man asked if he was wounded. As Carney responded, a third bullet grazed his arm. The soldier helped him and offered to take the flag, but Carney would not relinquish it. The two men, one black and one white, struggled together back to Union lines during which a fourth bullet grazed Carney’s head.
   When they made it back, he refused to give up the flag to anyone except another member of his regiment. Once they reached survivors of the 54th, Carney said, “Boys, the old flag never touched the ground.”
   In 1900, William Carney was awarded The Medal of Honor.

More senseless death from Gun Violence. This time in Fresno. Again I ask: how many more must die before we institute better Gun Control Laws? https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2019/11/18/fresno-california-sunday-night-football-shooting-what-we-know-now/4226850002/

How many more must die before we enact better gun control legislation? https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2019/11/14/saugus-high-school-shooting-california-suspect-sought-lockdown/4190401002/

The reputation of the United States has been deeply damaged by Trump and others. It will take years to even try to repair it. And some of the damage created by the Trump Administration will tragically be permanent. https://www.facebook.com/1961363437452696/posts/2458829754372726/

We are experiencing the effects of Human Caused Climate Change now. It’s up to all of us to make changes to help minimize the damage. Check out this article about the recent flooding in Venice. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2454088881513480&id=1961363437452696