This Is A Great Time To Lose Yourself For A Bit In The Wonderful World Of Art!

   During these strange times of so much being closed and having to be at home way more than we are used to, don’t forget that you can still enjoy the incredible, magical world of art.
   Yes, art!
   Art can be a wonderful way to pass time and let your imagination wander. Experience a whole range of emotions such as joy, romance, happiness, sorrow, anger, excitement, curiosity, and more. You can get glimpses into the past or ideas of what the future might hold. You can lose yourself into a world of fantasy or explore images of stark reality.
   With art, the possibilities are endless!
   Yes, I know museums and private art galleries are closed right now due to the COVID situation, but you can still experience the magic of art!
   By using technology!
   Many great museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Louvre of Paris, the Getty Center of LA, and the National Gallery of Art in DC have substantial online collections that you can peruse and enjoy for free! Many private art galleries showcase pieces on their websites as well. Plus, you can do Internet searches for art. Type in an artist’s name, an art style, region, or whatever. Get creative and see what you can find.
   There is incredible art from all around the world that you can access at home with your computer, tablet, or smartphone.
   So go for it! Explore and perhaps lose yourself for a bit in the wonderful world of art!

“The Vexed Man” at the Getty Center in LA

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