Republicans are Viciously Attacking LGBTQ Rights and Women’s Reproductive Rights

The dark path the Republican Party is going down keeps getting more and more twisted and
dangerous. It’s truly horrifying what is going on because much of the Republican Party is openly
pushing legislation that is actively taking away rights from millions of Americans and is based on
blatantly prejudiced, ignorant, intolerant, and even authoritarian positions. A significant number of
Republicans are trying to impose their individual views that are often closely tied to their personal
religious opinions upon the rest of the population, even when the majority of Americans disagree
with them.
Consider abortion rights. Polls have shown that most Americans support a woman’s right to
choose. A 2022 survey by the Pew Research Center found that 61% of American adults believed
abortion should be legal in all or most cases while 37% thought it should be illegal in all or most
cases. In Florida, those numbers were 56% in favor and 39% against. Yet Republicans around the
country are ignoring the American majority and are pushing legislation to severely restrict or ban the
procedure. Let’s get back to Florida. A recent state law there bans abortion after 6 weeks. Thing is:
most women don’t even know they’re pregnant at 6 weeks, so for them, this is a ban.
Around the United States, Republicans are also pushing legislation that is blatantly prejudiced
targeting the LGBTQ community. Don’t say gay laws are being promoted by Republicans around the
nation, and Florida has even extended its don’t say gay law up through 12th grade. Republicans
don’t seem to care that these horrible laws increase the suffering of LGBTQ youth (a group that was
already facing far too much intolerance and prejudice) and will certainly increase LGBTQ youth
suicide rates. Republicans are also passing laws banning gender affirming care for minors despite the
fact that every major American medical association supports such care. Studies have shown that
gender affirming care for minors improves quality of life and decreases suicide rates. Plus, this type
of care is not done lightly and is a process. The parents are involved along with the minor, and
counseling is a major component. When medical treatment is deemed necessary, it typically involves
puberty blockers and potentially hormone therapy. Surgery is very rare in individuals under 18.
Now, consider the following statistics that were compiled (before the current wave of anti-LGBTQ
legislation) by the Trevor Project in a 2021 survey of almost 35,000 LGBTQ youth (ages of 13 to 24).
42% of LGBTQ youth had seriously considered suicide in the past year, and for
Transgender/Nonbinary youth, that number was 52%. 72% of LGBTQ young people reported
symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder in the previous two weeks, and only 1 in 3 indicated that
they lived in an LGBTQ affirming home. During the previous 12 months, 48% said that they wanted
professional counseling but had not received it, and LGBTQ youth who had been subjected to
conversion therapy were more than twice as likely to attempt suicide when compared to those who
had not been subjected to the barbaric practice. Think about these numbers. Really think about
them. LGBTQ youth need support and understanding. But it’s blatantly obvious that the anti-LGBTQ
laws being pushed by Republicans will seriously increase the suffering and alienation LGBTQ youth
will have to face. This in turn will mean higher suicide rates of LGBTQ minors.
The ongoing wave of anti-LGBTQ sentiment and policy being promoted by the Republican Party is
based on ignorance, intolerance, and blatant prejudice. It is worsening the quality of life of LGBTQ
people and will undoubtedly increase suicide rights. This is why we all need to stand against the
bigotry being openly pushed by the Republican Party. It’s important for people to speak out when
they can in order to make it clear that such horrendous prejudice will not be tolerated. Trying to
spend our money in places and businesses that are pro-LGBTQ and avoiding those that are anti-
LGBTQ is another tactic we can utilize. When considering going on vacation, instead of going to a
place like Florida (which is passing anti-LGBTQ bills and abortion restrictions into law), consider going
to a state like California instead.
And VOTE! Vote against Republicans that are pushing these and other bigoted, intolerant laws.
Vote them out of office and put in elected officials who protect things like LGBTQ rights, women’s
reproductive rights, educational institutions, and more.

Republicans Are Actively Trying to Take Away Rights From Millions of Americans

   The war that Republicans around the country are waging against drag shows, the transgender community, LGBTQ rights, women’s reproductive rights, educational institutions, and more show for everyone to see how twisted with ignorance, intolerance, narrow-mindedness, prejudice, and hate much of the Republican party has become.
   In states around the nation, Republicans are pushing bills and laws that purposely take away rights from transgender+ people. Legislation banning gender-affirming care for minors is an example of this. Such laws are sickening and abhorrent because they worsen the quality of life of transgender+ youth and increase their suicide rates. A 2021 survey of almost 35,000 LGBTQ individuals (aged 13 to 24) revealed that 42% had seriously considered suicide in the previous 12 months, and that number increased to 52% for those who were transgender. And remember this survey was done before most of these gender-affirming care bans were being pushed. Gender affirming care (that goes beyond clothing, pronouns, etc) consists of things like puberty blockers and hormone treatments, and these can be stopped at any time. Gender reassignment surgery is actually extremely rare in individuals under 18. Something else to remember is that gender affirming care is not done lightly and is a group decision with the individual, their parents, doctors, and counselors all being involved. It’s not done willy-nilly. The major medical association in the United States support gender affirming care for minors because research has shown that such care improves the quality of life of transgender+ minors and decreases their suicide rates. This is why the laws Republicans are pushing banning gender affirming care are so sickening and abhorrent. Anxiety and quality of life for transgender+ minors are getting worse right now due to Republican efforts, and there is no doubt that suicide rates will go up.
   In addition, Republicans around the country are assaulting other LGBTQ rights with things like horrible don’t say gay laws, are trying to severely restrict or take away female reproductive rights, and are actively attacking educational institutions’ abilities to encourage diversity and teach students honestly and clearly. Look at what’s happening in Florida. Republicans there are working to force educational institutions to essentially whitewash history and are trying to destroy programs that encourage diversity. The situation has sunk so low that the principal of a Florida charter school was forced to resign after showing 6th graders images of Michaelangelo’s David. That statue is a great work of art that is on public display in an Italian museum, and once upon a time, it was in a public square for all passers by to see. Tragically, Florida Republicans have already put their horrible don’t say gay law into effect despite the fact that it will worsen the quality of life for LGBTQ youth and undoubtedly increase their suicide rates. Now there is talk that Florida Republicans want to expand this terrible legislation all the way through 12th grade.
   Think about all this. Really think about it. Also add in the fact that Republicans in multiple states are even attacking drag shows. Yes, drag shows. It’s abundantly clear that Republicans have gone way too far as they actively work to take away rights from millions of Americans because of ignorance, intolerance, narrow-mindedness, prejudice, and bigotry.
   We must all stand against this, and those who can need to speak out. Make it clear that these attacks Republicans are making will not be tolerated.
   And VOTE! Vote against Republicans who are doing these horrible things. Get them out of office and elect in people who protect people’s rights instead of actively trying to take them away.