It’s Time For Everyone To Start Working At Healing This Battered, Divided Nation

   Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won the presidential election, and yes, this is a big deal. A potential turning point to begin the process of healing this bitterly divided, battered nation.
   I’m an Independent politically. In some ways, I’m very liberal while in other ways I’m moderately liberal and moderate. Like many people in this country, I’m a mixture.
   We’ve all seen how viciously divided this nation has become. While Donald Trump’s outrageous rhetoric has seriously inflamed this state of affairs, others on all sides of the political spectrum have contributed to it.
   Many people have gotten to the point where they see almost anyone who doesn’t agree with them enough as a mortal enemy. Instead of calmly discussing issues, learning about (and from) one another, people often lash out. They frequently refuse to listen to the other side or even consider different points of view.
   Another trend contributing to this problem is how many people only surround themselves with others who agree with them and exclusively seek out information from sites that tell them what they want to hear.
   Thing is folks, this is not healthy, and it’s hurting our nation.
   Like it or not, this country is made up of people with a whole plethora of views, ideas, and outlooks. We are not going to agree on everything, yet we still have to live together. We need to find ways to talk and listen to each other. Learn from one another. Find ways to work together.
   I think most people in this country are sick of the vicious divide that has been tearing things apart. It’s time for change.
   We need to do better. We should be able to have healthy, rational, calm discussions with people who hold different views. We ought to be learning from one another and seeking out ways to work together. Frankly, people (whatever their political views) need to get out of their comfort zones and seek to open their minds. Get information from a variety of different sources and hear what others have to say. Try to find ways to educate, learn, listen, and work together.
   And yes, sometimes this will mean making some compromises, and I’m talking to everyone here. Liberal, conservative, in between, whomever you are.
   I truly hope that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris start bridging some of the serious divides plaguing our country and get people talking again. Strive to get some bipartisanship back in government.
   But they can’t do it alone. Let’s all start working at the process of healing this battered, divided nation.

Nationwide Mail In Voting Is Needed For This November Election

   American citizens 18 and over have the Constitutional right to vote. This is one of the fundamental principles of democracy in the United States.
   Another thing is that Americans should be able to vote safely.
   We are going through a pandemic with COVID 19, and a vaccine will probably not be available until next year. Thus, the virus will still be around this November, and we don’t know how much control we’ll have over it.
   Right now, the number of people who qualify for mail in (absentee) voting varies from state to state. In some places, any adult can do so while in others many people can’t. People who can’t are required to show up at their polling station in order to vote.
   With COVID 19 out there, many medical experts are recommending all voters nationwide vote by mail in order to avoid COVID spreading at polling stations where crowds of people would be gathering and standing in close proximity to each other.
   Makes sense. Everyone mailing in their vote would be much safer and help more people exercise their Constitutional right to vote!
   A major problem is that many Republicans, including Donald Trump, oppose this idea.
   They claim mail in voting would be ripe with fraud. But the evidence does not back this up. Mail in (absentee) voting has been done for years in many states without any significant problems with fraud.
   The real reason why so many Republicans oppose nationwide mail in voting is because they fear large voter turnout. They are afraid that more people voting would hurt them and help Democrats. It is not a coincidence that Republicans around the country have closed many polling stations in poor areas. It’s because people who are poor are more likely to vote for a Democrat than a Republican.
   This is a form of voter suppression. No, I’m not a conspiracy theorist or an extremist. I’m looking at the evidence.
   Folks, suppressing people’s right to vote is disgraceful, undemocratic, and goes against what the United States is supposed to be about. American adults have the Constitutional right to vote! And we should be able to do so safely.
   With the ongoing pandemic, nationwide mail in voting makes sense. Everyone should be able to vote and do so safely.
   We all need to speak out and demand our elected officials fight for nationwide mail in voting!
   American adults should be able to vote and do so safely!

Trump Administration Trying To Invalidate Obamacare During Pandemic

   The Trump Administration has asked the Supreme Court to invalidate the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. If they succeed, over 20 million Americans could lose their health insurance because Republicans have no replacement. Not even a bad replacement!
   Think about that. We are literally in the middle of a pandemic, and Trump, along with other Republicans, is still trying to sabotage Obamacare.
   Obamacare is not perfect, but it has helped millions of Americans obtain health insurance who couldn’t get it otherwise. This has literally saved lives. One of the most popular parts of Obamacare is how it protects people with pre-existing medical conditions so that they can get affordable health insurance. Otherwise, many would be outright rejected by insurance companies, or their premiums would be so astronomically high that they couldn’t afford to get it.
   Guess what folks, when you have a serious case of cancer and can’t get health insurance, unless you are incredibly rich, you will likely die, and much more quickly.
   Now consider this: many of the people who could lose their health insurance, if the Trump Administration succeeds here, are in high risk categories for COVID 19. If they lose their health insurance and catch a severe case of the coronavirus, they will be much more likely going to die.
   We should fix and improve Obamacare, not obliterate it without a replacement!
   The obsession of Trump and other Republicans with trying to destroy Obamacare has gone too far. They are risking the lives of innocent people for what? Politics? Because they don’t like Barack Obama?
   This is sickeningly outrageous. We must all speak out against this horrible move, and we need to vote Trump and the other Republicans who are doing this out of office!
   Lives are literally at stake folks…

Senate Republicans Have Turned Impeachment Trial Into A Sickening Farce

Seeing how the Republican Senate has rejected witnesses in the Impeachment Trial, this has become a sickening farce of distorted partisanship to such a degree that these individuals have failed their oaths of office.

Donald Trump will not truly be exonerated because important witnesses and documents have been purposely left out. As a result, a dark cloud will hang over Trump for the rest of his time in office.

This cloud will and should hang over the Republicans in Congress as well, especially those in the Senate, because of their disgraceful, biased handling of the Trial.

The American people must remember what has transpired here and vote these Republicans out of office when they come up for reelection.