While COVID 19 Is Scary, Remember That We Will Get Through This!

   Yes, with the COVID 19 situation, times are scary. Almost seems like some pandemic disaster movie except this is real life.
   But don’t panic!
   Don’t! Won’t do any good. Keep calm and educate yourself on what to do. Practice social distancing, wash your hands more frequently (certainly before touching your face), cough or sneeze into your arm or shoulder, and check out what local, state, and federal authorities are saying. Health departments, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the World Health Organization (WHO) are also resources you can explore. If you think you might have COVID 19 (or been exposed to it), call your doctor, ER, etc first before going in so that they can take appropriate measures to protect everyone (including themselves).
   Remember that lots of things can cause coughs and most people who catch COVID 19 recover. If you are in a high risk category, educate yourself on extra precautions you should do.
   Keep your chin up.
   When you go to the grocery store, get what you need for an appropriate amount of time, but don’t overdo it hoarding things because we all need to eat, clean, and have toilet paper. I like having toilet paper lol. Be considerate of others.
   Don’t let yourself get too stressed out, anxious, or depressed. Mental health is also important.
   You can catch up on reading good books as well as watching movies and shows via Netflix and Amazon Prime. Play games (board or video games). Do puzzles.
   People who are not under an actual quarantine, can get outside. Many people are able to walk around neighborhoods or parks while practicing social distancing.
   You can communicate with others via phone, email, text, video chat, and so on. And while it’s natural to talk about COVID 19, discuss other things too! Have some laughs!
   Keep your chin up.
   It’s not the end of the world!
   We will get through this!

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