COVID 19 Is Scary, But Hang In There! We Will Get Through This!

   Hey there everybody!
   I know times are stressful with COVID 19 and people being home so much with social distancing and all.
   Strange times indeed.
   For some with families, significant others, and roommates, there will be too much togetherness. People getting on each other’s nerves! For we all need some me time now and then.
   For others like me, being alone and feeling lonely could get worse.
   Whatever your situation, be strong, hang in there, and don’t give up! We will get through this.
   Try to relax and do some things you enjoy at home. Read a good book, watch some movies and TV shows, play games (board or video), do a puzzle. Get creative. Write in a journal or create a story. Draw or paint. Get online and expand your mind. Many museums have parts of their collections available for viewing online. Research something out of pure curiosity, like learning about Amelia Earhart or checking out NASA images from its space probes and rovers.
   Hang in there! Keep your chin up!
   We will get through this!

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