Donald Trump And Those Blindly Following Him Are Endangering American Democracy

   I’m deeply disturbed by how Republicans these days have become so extreme in the way so many are following Donald Trump with an almost cult-like zeal. It’s to the point where our democracy is being seriously threatened in the near and long-term future, particularly if this trend continues.
   Donald Trump lied more than any other modern American president, and his outrageous false claims and lies about the election incited the January 6th riot and insurrection at the US Capitol Building. These facts are clear. Donald Trump lost the election fair and square, yet he continues to make outrageously false allegations and claims trying to say he won. He lost. There were international observers overseeing the election. Every single state, including those run by Republicans, certified the election. Ballot counting rooms had Republican, Democrat, and Independent observers overseeing the process and present to deal with issues. In addition to all this, Trump and his people went to court making their false claims about the election and lost over 60 times. And many of the judges who ruled against them were Republicans themselves.
   And here we are with Trump out of office yet still controlling the Republican Party. It is clear that he is expecting and demanding Republicans, especially those in elected offices, to bow to his will and obey his instructions. If an elected official doesn’t do this, then Trump will lash out at them and turn his followers against them. He appears to be demanding that Republicans go along with his outrageous lies about the election and that if elected Republicans want to get anywhere politically in the party, they have to espouse these lies as well. We’re seeing this with the way Republicans are turning on Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney. These two have stood up to Trump with regards to his false claims about the election, and they’re being torn viciously apart by the Republican Party as a result.
   The cult like control Trump is holding over the Republican Party is beyond disturbing and is truly endangering our democracy. Having one person who is no longer in an elected position holding such authoritarian style control over a major political party goes against what democracy is supposed to be about. In addition to this, Trump is convincing many Republicans not to trust United States elections if the person they voted for doesn’t win.
   This situation is extremely dangerous to the future of our democracy. More people in the Republican Party need to speak out against Trump’s horrible, dangerous lies and stand up for the United States Constitution and the American people instead. Will this happen? Right now, the verdict is still out on that which is scary.

Afraid Too Many People Will Keep Blindly Defending Trump

I find it deeply disturbing how many Republicans and Trump followers keep going along with Trump even when he clearly does not deserve it.
He has repeatedly lied, attacked the legitimate free press, not held Russia accountable for its ongoing cyber assaults on the United States, alienated long standing allies, maliciously and cruelly insulted people who disagree with him (including foreign leaders), the list goes on.
In my opinion, the Impeachment Inquiry and other investigations have revealed clear wrongdoing in that the Trump Administration was pressuring Ukraine to dig up dirt on a Trump political rival. This by itself is obviously wrong and an abuse of power.
Yet, too many Republicans and Trump followers refuse to even acknowledge that he is in the wrong. They keep blindly defending him or staying silent. If a Democratic president did even half these things, I bet many would be clambering for Impeachment.
There are times when people should put partisan politics aside and strive to do what’s right. To stand up for the United States Constitution. At least acknowledge when Trump is wrong.
It appears to me that a scary number of Americans are choosing blind loyalty to Donald Trump instead of defending the Constitution. This blind loyalty enables Trump to continue his bad behavior.
No one should blindly follow anybody.