Afraid Too Many People Will Keep Blindly Defending Trump

I find it deeply disturbing how many Republicans and Trump followers keep going along with Trump even when he clearly does not deserve it.
He has repeatedly lied, attacked the legitimate free press, not held Russia accountable for its ongoing cyber assaults on the United States, alienated long standing allies, maliciously and cruelly insulted people who disagree with him (including foreign leaders), the list goes on.
In my opinion, the Impeachment Inquiry and other investigations have revealed clear wrongdoing in that the Trump Administration was pressuring Ukraine to dig up dirt on a Trump political rival. This by itself is obviously wrong and an abuse of power.
Yet, too many Republicans and Trump followers refuse to even acknowledge that he is in the wrong. They keep blindly defending him or staying silent. If a Democratic president did even half these things, I bet many would be clambering for Impeachment.
There are times when people should put partisan politics aside and strive to do what’s right. To stand up for the United States Constitution. At least acknowledge when Trump is wrong.
It appears to me that a scary number of Americans are choosing blind loyalty to Donald Trump instead of defending the Constitution. This blind loyalty enables Trump to continue his bad behavior.
No one should blindly follow anybody.

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