Human Caused Climate Change Is REAL!

Climate Change is here folks. That’s a fact!
Human activity caused it. That is quite clear. Human use of fossil fuels while destroying forests has increased greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. This creates an overall warming effect of the planet.
The polar ice caps are melting as a result at an alarming rate which is causing ocean levels to rise. Weather patterns are also being altered.
We must act now to try to minimize the damage.
Vote in elected officials who will be proactive in battling Climate Change.
Adjust your daily lives with carpooling, using public transportation, getting a more fuel efficient vehicle when it’s time to buy one, recycling, trying to decrease your overall carbon footprint.
And speak up! But verify your data and information to ensure accuracy. Spreading false information causes harm.
Together we can make a difference! Here is a NASA site about Climate Change.

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