Loneliness Is A Common Problem We Must Address!

   Loneliness, it’s tough. It can be painful, exhausting, heartbreaking, and potentially devastating, especially when we let it consume us. At times, it can feel almost overwhelming.
   Loneliness also has the potential to increase the risks of mental and physical health problems.
   I know all about loneliness because I’ve been living with it for decades. I understand the pain and challenges that come with it.
   Anyone is susceptible. Whether in a relationship with lots of people around or physically alone and isolated.  All ages, genders, and sexualities.
   Kinda scary I know.
   Thing is, while loneliness can be challenging to deal with, we shouldn’t let it consume us. We must learn to control it, not let it control us.
   Believe in yourself, even at the most difficult moments. Remember that you can rely on yourself no matter what.
   Stay open to the possibility of connecting with someone because after being hurt so much, it can be easy to automatically shut people out to try to protect ourselves from more disappointments, letdowns, and rejections. The problem with shutting people out is that it can also isolate us even more and prevent us from establishing contact and potential relationships with others. 
   So be open to meeting other people. Don’t rule out letting them in. If they hurt you, don’t let it stop you. Get back up, brush yourself off, and keep moving forward.
   Another thing is to be sure to try to find happiness in yourself. There is truth to the idea of love yourself and have faith in yourself.
   Believe in yourself! Doing so will help you enjoy life more and also increase the possibility of you connecting with others.
   Do things you enjoy, even if you are doing them on your own. Use your imagination because in your imagination, you can experience whatever you want.
   Don’t be afraid to talk to a counselor, psychologist, or psychiatrist. There is absolutely no shame in doing so, and it may help you cope with your circumstances a whole lot better.
   And please, never give up!
   Remember that you can always rely on yourself!

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