Too Much Bullying In Politics From Across The Spectrum!

   I know emotions are running high with regards to politics these days.
   Yep, sure are.
   Thing is, with the Internet and Social Media, people have the ability to share views and interact with others on a scale never seen before. Add to that the outrageous rhetoric and actions emanating from Donald Trump and you have a recipe for bullying behavior to become a growing problem.
   And folks, it is a problem.
   Some members of the far right and far left have been getting particularly nasty and insulting to people who don’t share their views. Elizabeth Warren acknowledged receiving such insults from some Bernie supporters.
   But bullying is a problem across the spectrum.
   And it needs to stop!
   Keep discussions and debates healthy, honest, and respectful. Don’t spread outrageous rhetoric that may be exaggerated or totally false. Just because you want to believe it, doesn’t mean that it’s true.
  Treat people, even those who disagree with you, the way you want to be treated. Remember that this is a diverse nation and most people are not going to agree with everything you believe.
   And when someone treats you badly, be strong and try to take the high road. If you respond, be calm, clear, honest, and thoughtful. Don’t lower yourself to their cruel level.
   Let’s strive to bring decency and respect back.
   It should be possible to disagree with an individual and still be friends.

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