All Levels Of The US Government Must Work Together More Effectively During The COVID 19 Outbreak

   The United States’ response to the COVID 19 outbreak has been plagued with confusion, disorganization, chaos, false information, and mistakes.
   The Trump Administration dangerously downplayed the problem early on even though medical experts, scientists, and the US Intelligence Community warned of the oncoming disaster. Trump acted like things were fine when they clearly weren’t. This wasted too much valuable time. As a result, the infection curve is much steeper than it could have been. Trump has exaggerated and lied too frequently, even to the point where infectious disease expert Dr Fauci would have to correct him during the same press conference.
   There has been way too much confusion with one government official saying one thing and Trump saying something very different. Leaves everyone from the average citizen to state governors uncertain about who to believe and what will happen. This is an extremely dangerous state of affairs during a pandemic.
   While many governors are trying to be proactive in dealing with this crisis, states are responding in a patchwork of ways and are too often left scrambling trying desperately to obtain life saving equipment, often having to compete against each other over limited and increasingly expensive resources. Some unscrupulous businesses are price gouging in order to make more money (which is sickening considering lives are at stake).
   During this emergency, partisan politics need to be put aside. The federal government needs to be more involved and better organized. Governments at the local, state, and federal levels should work together more effectively in getting resources where they need to be, and price gouging must be controlled.
   There has got to be better, more effective organization than has occurred thus far!
   Frankly, a big part of this includes Donald Trump needing to improve his behavior and/or step back and let other officials handle the crisis. The various levels of government have got to get better organized and more on the same page, which includes Trump listening to the experts and stopping his exaggerations, lies, and public undermining of other government officials.
  Many lives are stake.
  Time to step up, work together, and get things done.
  Not doing so will mean people dying who could have been saved otherwise.

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