New Idaho Anti-Transgender Laws Prove Prejudice And Bigotry Are Sadly Quite Alive

   Even during these trying times where we all need to work together in battling COVID 19,  prejudice is still sickeningly alive and well.
   Idaho’s governor just signed 2 anti-Transgender laws. One prohibits Transgender individuals from changing the gender on their birth certificates, and the other bans Transgender girls and women from playing in women’s sports.
   What is wrong with people?
   Both laws are blatantly bigoted and prejudiced and are wrong on so many levels! As a matter of fact, the birth certificate law goes against a 2018 Federal Court ruling that found a similar, past law was unconstitutional. Yet, individuals, who are so full of ignorance and prejudice, passed this disgraceful piece of legislation anyways.
   Social conservatives who promote such hate are on the wrong side of history, and future generations looking back on this time  will treat them harshly. But it doesn’t change the fact that they are hurting decent, innocent people now.
   Why do so many people attack others just because they are different?
   What about kindness, understanding, tolerance, and open-mindedness? Where did these important concepts go? Why are so many people full of prejudice?
   This needs to change!
   People need to speak out against bigotry and hate!
   It’s time to educate others so that we can spread understanding, open-mindedness, and tolerance.
   We must stand against such outrageously prejudiced, hurtful legislation! There is room for all people. To support one another. Respect and embrace our similarities and differences.
   Let’s make this a better place for everyone!

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