The Middle East Crisis Needs To Be De-escalated

With the current crisis in the Middle East churning and violence flaring, I hope cooler heads will prevail and the tensions can be de-escalated.
   We don’t want lives lost needlessly in a war that could have been avoided. History is full of crises that resulted in wars because the countries involved kept escalating events instead of trying to calm the situations down.
   Both sides have said and done things worsening the situation. I think the Trump Administration’s leaving the Iran Nuclear Deal was a big mistake which added fuel to the fire. And although Soleimani was a ruthless individual with plenty of blood on his hands, assassinating him also inflamed the conflict even further. It certainly did not calm things down.
   We are at this point now, like it or not.
   We should try to de-escalate the tensions and work on other ways to deal with the ongoing conflict.

I Suspect Taking Out Soleimani May Worsen Situation In Middle East

Let’s be clear about something. General Soleimani and Iran are not innocents here. Iran has been supporting terror groups for decades, and Soleimani has been a leader in that effort for years.
As commander of Iran’s Quds Force, Soleimani has been a key figure in working with paramilitary, militia, and terror groups in the Middle East. He has been involved with the Syrian/Iraqi conflicts and is responsible for the deaths of many people including American and Allied personnel. To be blunt, Soleimani has a lot of blood on his hands.
The United States has been monitoring him for years. Presidents George W Bush and Barack Obama apparently considered taking him out but decided against it due to the risk of inciting war with Iran.
Thing is, just because a person or place in a conflict may be a legitimate target, doesn’t mean actually taking them out is wise.
Being a high ranking Iranian General complicates the situation which is why previous presidents monitored Soleimani but did not try to remove him.
Trump’s doing so now has escalated already strained relations with Iran. The fact that Trump had already removed the US from the Iran Nuclear deal makes the situation even more precarious.
While the nuclear deal was not perfect to say the least, I do think it was the best option to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.
Now that America has taken out Soleimani, I suspect Iran will likely reinitialize it’s nuclear weapons program.
I fear that the Trump Administration’s actions with regards to Iran the last couple of years has increased the likelihood that Iran will become a nuclear power (a scary proposition).
I can’t help but wonder: why take out Soleimani now? Is it a coincidence that Trump ordered the attack with the Senate Impeachment Trial looming? Maybe, maybe not.
Even if it is a coincidence, I am concerned that the attack on Soleimani will likely worsen the situation with Iran (and the Middle East in general), not improve it.