With COVID 19: Stay Calm, Educate Yourself And Don’t Panic! We Will Get Through This

   The new coronavirus outbreak (COVID 19) is scary I know.
   But keep calm, don’t panic, and educate yourself.
   Use multiple sources for information such as local and state health departments, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), WHO (World Health Organization) as well as good medical sites like Johns Hopkins Medicine.
   Learn about the situation and keep up to date since things are changing.
   But stay calm. Panicking only makes things worse.
   We will get through this.
   It is not the end of the world.
   Take care and try to relax.




Use Good, Reputable Sources In Learning About Coronavirus. And Don’t Panic!

People are getting understandably nervous about the new coronavirus  which has popped up on the scene lately.

While yes, it is scary, don’t panic!

Won’t do any good.

Be careful about where you get information because there are all sorts of rumors spreading on Social Media about it right now. Check out good, reputable sources such as the CDC for learning more and getting advice.

A few tips to remember are wash your hands thoroughly and regularly with soap and water for at least a good 20 seconds. Sneeze or cough into your clothes at your shoulder/upper arm area, NOT YOUR HANDS because doing so into your hands would spread contagions even more. Clean surfaces you are in contact with regularly. Don’t touch your mouth with your hands if they are not clean.

I’ve attached some good links that have more detailed information and advice.