Democratic Presidential Ticket Is Going To Be Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

   Well, the Democratic presidential ticket is going to be Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. A powerful combination.
   I realize there are some on the left who are not happy with this duo. They wanted Sanders. I get that. But folks, Sanders did not get it plain and simple. Not enough people got out to vote for him.
   We all know how horrendously bad a president Donald Trump is. His outrageous hurtful rhetoric, colossal scale of lying, xenophobic behavior, and gross mishandling of the COVID pandemic are well known. Trump seems to go out of his way not to upset Russia and has not held the adversarial nation accountable for its ongoing cyber attacks on the United States. He has not adequately addressed the serious accusations of Russia possibly paying bounties for killing US and Coalition soldiers in the Middle East. He is using the courts to try to take away Obamacare in the middle of this pandemic without having any replacement whatsoever. If he succeeds, millions of Americans with pre-existing medical conditions would be at risk of losing their health insurance during the COVID 19 crisis.
   I could go on. The point is that it is time to unite behind Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. We must vote them into the White House because we cannot afford 4 more years of Donald Trump.
   Let’s make it happen.

Time To Unite Behind The Democratic Presidential Candidate Who Is Going To Be Biden

   Ok folks, Bernie Sanders has suspended his bid for the nomination, so Joe Biden is clearly going to be the Democratic presidential candidate.
   Now, I realize many Bernie supporters are disappointed right now. I get that. All sorts of emotions may be swirling around at this moment.
   But please, take a deep breath, relax, grieve a little if you need.
   And then let’s all unite behind Biden.
   I know Joe is not the first choice for many of you. But the fact remains that the next president will be either Joe Biden or Donald Trump.
   That’s reality now because third party candidates have ZERO chance of winning the presidential election this year.
   We cannot afford 4 more years of Trump! The next president will likely replace Ruth Bader Ginsberg on the Supreme Court, an act that will have serious ramifications for years to come.
   So please, let’s all unite behind Biden and vote Trump out of office!
   Too much is at stake not to!

Let’s Have A Respectful, Healthy Primary Process And Then Unite Behind The Democratic Presidential Candidate!

Well, Super Tuesday is here. A big day for the Democratic presidential primaries. Let’s be sure that whatever happens, we have good healthy discussions and debates and then remember to unite behind whoever wins the Democratic presidential nomination.
   This last point is vitally important.
   We must unite behind whoever wins the Democratic presidential nomination because Donald Trump is one of the worst presidents the United States has ever had (the list of why this is the case is quite extensive).  A major reason why Trump won in 2016 was that anti-Trump voters were terribly divided and often vicious towards each other. Too many didn’t vote in the general election or voted for a third party candidate who had zero chance of winning.
   We cannot afford the same mistakes this time!
   Too much is at stake!
   So let’s have a respectful, healthy primary process and then unite behind whoever wins the Democratic presidential nomination.
   Because we cannot afford 4 more years of Donald Trump!