Time To Unite Behind The Democratic Presidential Candidate Who Is Going To Be Biden

   Ok folks, Bernie Sanders has suspended his bid for the nomination, so Joe Biden is clearly going to be the Democratic presidential candidate.
   Now, I realize many Bernie supporters are disappointed right now. I get that. All sorts of emotions may be swirling around at this moment.
   But please, take a deep breath, relax, grieve a little if you need.
   And then let’s all unite behind Biden.
   I know Joe is not the first choice for many of you. But the fact remains that the next president will be either Joe Biden or Donald Trump.
   That’s reality now because third party candidates have ZERO chance of winning the presidential election this year.
   We cannot afford 4 more years of Trump! The next president will likely replace Ruth Bader Ginsberg on the Supreme Court, an act that will have serious ramifications for years to come.
   So please, let’s all unite behind Biden and vote Trump out of office!
   Too much is at stake not to!

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