The Republican Party Has Gone Dangerously Off The Rails

   It’s really scary how off the rails so much of the Republican Party has become.
   Think about it. Really think about what’s going on.
   The Republican party in many ways is now controlled by one person, Donald Trump. That in itself undermines democracy and what democracy is supposed to be about. What makes it even worse in this case is how twisted, disturbed, and authoritarian Trump’s outrageous behavior is. He lies on a colossal scale which is made even more dangerous by the way his blind followers go right along with with these lies without question. They let him get away with it, which in turn encourages his terrible behavior even more.
   Let’s look at one example: the 2020 election. This election was free and fair. There was no widespread fraud. Every single state, including those run by Republican officials, certified the election because it was free and fair. International observers from multiple countries were present monitoring the election, and they stated the election was free and fair. There were Republican, Democrat, and Independent observers in all the ballot counting rooms in every state. Add to all this the fact that Trump and his people went to court over 60 times trying to push their outrageous false claims of widespread fraud and lost. And many of the judges who ruled against Trump had been appointed by Republicans themselves. The reason Trump and his people lost over 60 court cases in connection to the election is because they have no case. They have no evidence that would stand up in a court of law. It is very clear that Trump lost the election fair and square. But Trump doesn’t like to lose and wants power, so he has continued making his false, dangerous claims about the election even though they are flat out lies. And despite the fact that his claims are totally false, his followers blindly go along with them spreading these dangerous falsehoods.  And we all saw how on January 6th, all these false claims about the election led to a mob of extremist Trump supporters assaulting United States Capitol Building in an attempt to stop Congress from certifying this free and fair election. And yet despite all this, Trump and his supporters continue pushing their dangerous, undemocratic false claims about the election.
   This brings us to Republicans in elected positions, the majority of whom are bowing to Trump’s authoritarian leadership over the party. Some of these officials are blind followers of Trump themselves while others secretly may not like Trump but continue to bow to him because they are afraid of losing future primary elections. In other words, this latter group is putting their own desire for political power over American democracy. In Washington DC, only a few Congressional Republicans are willing to speak out against Trump.
   This state of affairs is quite scary and truly is dangerous to our democracy. We need to be aware of what is happening and stand up for our democratic values and speak out against authoritarianism in all its forms. We need to put pressure on more Republicans to break away from Trump’s extremist, undemocratic authoritarianism. And in future elections, we need to vote in people who stand for true democracy. Considering how much of the Republican Party is currently under the sway of Trump, in the next few elections, we need to vote in Democrats as much as possible in order to ensure our democracy endures. And I say this as an Independent (I’m not a Democrat). Right now, with so much of the Republican Party following an authoritarian leader, which is what Trump is, the Republican Party cannot be trusted with majority control over the government.

Open Your Minds And Broaden Your Horizons Instead Of Blindly Following, Whatever Your Views

   Remember folks, think independently, whomever you are and whatever your background. Don’t blindly follow anyone because frankly, there’s been a lot of that going around these days on all sides.
   Today, we have access to vast amounts of information, available at our fingertips! All it takes is a smartphone, tablet, or computer, and bam, an endless amount of knowledge is right there to explore and learn. It’s incredible when you think about it!
   The problem is that while there is a wealth of amazing, accurate information out there on the internet and in social media, there is bad information too. On top of that is the tendency of too many people only using sources that tell them what they want to hear and only listening to one leader or organization. This can blind them from understanding the real situation and the truth.
   Get information from a variety of independent, reputable sources. Strive to learn about and explore different points of view. Get outside your comfort zone. Expand your horizons. Also use critical thinking. Double check, hell, triple check facts, sources, and ideas! Recognize that not everything you discover is accurate. Some things are exaggerated while others are just downright false. By using different, independent sources and thinking critically, you are more likely to get a better, more accurate understanding of the subject you are delving into. Don’t automatically believe something simply because you want to believe it, for there is a very real chance that it may not be true at all.
   So think for yourself!
   Open your mind and broaden your horizons!
   Strive to be an independent, renaissance person.
   I think you’ll find that the world is a much more fascinating place and life an increasingly amazing experience if you do.

Think For Yourself! Don’t Blindly Follow Anyone!

With things being so divided these days in politics, social issues, environment, health care, and more, many people follow extreme news sources that tell them what they want to hear. A great number also blindly follow political leaders taking everything they say as gospel.
Stop it!
Use your mind. Don’t blindly follow anyone, whatever your politics and beliefs.
Get information from varied, independent sources. Do your best to open your mind and be objective, and that includes learning facts you may not like. Strive to make informed decisions, even if that means recognizing that a politician or idea you have been liking is wrong.
Think for yourself!
And remember: