Valentine’s Day Can Be A Rough Day For Many People

   Well, it’s Valentine’s Day. A day for celebrating romance, love, companionship, and that special someone.
   But what about those of us who have no one, who never found romance, or who had it once but it’s gone now? This day can be frustrating and brutally difficult because it reminds many of us of what we either have never been able to find or had once but lost. For those of us who are alone, seeing and hearing all the trappings this day entails can be like having salt rubbed into a festering wound causing terrible pain. We can’t help but wonder about why others have romance in their lives while we don’t, and such thoughts can be particularly difficult on this holiday.
   So for those of us for whom Valentine’s Day is painful, hang in there and do your best not to let it bring you down. Keep your chin up. Do something you enjoy. Like watching a good movie, reading an interesting book, playing a video game, taking a walk, something that brings you joy.
   Will romantic love be in your future? I don’t know. For some, finding real romance will happen, yet for others, it won’t.
   Whatever the future holds, hang in there and believe in yourself. If you never find a significant other, remember that you always have yourself. Can always rely on yourself. You can be your own best friend.
   You will always have you.

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