All States Must Institute Stay At Home Orders Immediately! Anything Less Is Grossly Irresponsible!

   It’s way past time for all states to institute stay at home orders!
   Anything less is grossly irresponsible and will cost lives!
   COVID 19 is spreading rapidly. Evidence is revealing that a significant number of infected people show no symptoms but can still spread the virus. Considering this and the fact that the United States is still way behind in testing, it is quite clear that the COVID 19 virus is more widespread than people realize.
   Local, state, and federal levels of the US government need to become better organized, improve coordination, and work together more effectively. And this includes the remaining governors wising up and instituting stay at home orders.
   They can’t afford to wait for the White House to tell them because Donald Trump is frankly not rising to the occasion of leadership during this crisis. His behavior and actions have been erratic, confusing, and disorganized. He has frequently exaggerated, lied, and publicly undermined other government officials. Even though experts (including the US Intelligence Community)  warned of the oncoming pandemic, Trump clearly downplayed the problem early on, which wasted valuable time and allowed the virus to gain a stronger foothold in the US more quickly. This has led to a steeper infection curve which now threatens to overwhelm health care systems in hotspot areas.
   All state governors must enact stay at home orders immediately, and all levels of government need to work together more effectively, listening to the experts, so that we can properly deal with this outbreak.
   Lives are at stake.

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