People Need To Educate Themselves And Open Their Minds

What is Bi+ you ask?

Bi+ (or Bisexual+) is an umbrella term for anyone who can be attracted to more than one gender, whatever term(s) they prefer. Bisexual, Pansexual, Fluid, etc all fit under the Bi+ umbrella.

Next, more people are Bi+ than Gay/Lesbian.

Yes, it’s true.

Thing is, because of intolerances and prejudices coming from members of the Straight and Gay/Lesbian Communities, most Bi+ suffer in the closet. Afraid of being discovered, of being ostracized, losing friends, losing family, and so on.

Many people who are guilty of being intolerant against Bi+ may not even realize it. Too much of society these days believe unfair, preconceived, negative stereotypes that are untrue for most Bi+. These stereotypes include the ideas that Bisexual+ individuals must be confused, lying cheaters or some combination of that.

But most Bi+ individuals are decent, honest human beings hoping to find someone special. Many are totally monogamous as well.

Sound familiar?

It’s way past time for everyone to educate themselves and open their minds. Let go of preconceived stereotypes that are not true most of the time.

Stop automatically rejecting someone in the dating world just because they are Bi+.

Quit assuming a Bi+ individual must be confused and untrustworthy.

How would you feel if most of society thought these things about you?


Let’s all strive to be open minded people and make this a better, happier world for everybody!

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