I’m Suspicious Of The Roger Stone Situation. Smells Like Potential Corruption To Me

Roger Stone was found guilty of obstruction of a Congressional investigation, 5 counts of making false statements to Congress, and witness tampering. Yet Trump says Stone did “nothing” and has criticized the Department of Justice for prosecuting his friend Roger Stone.

Frankly, I suspect there has been possible misdeeds and corruption with regards to higher ups apparently pressuring those who were prosecuting the case to seek a lighter sentence for Stone. Sounds like Trump may have pressured AG Barr. Barr could also have done it to please Trump. Or both.

Either way, sounds to me like something suspicious has been going on with higher ups trying to get Stone a lighter sentence.

Something stinks here in my opinion.

Smells suspiciously like corruption.

The linked USA Today article goes into the situation and summarizes what Roger Stone did.


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