Uncertain Times Ahead For Britain After Bretix

I suspect Britain will end up regretting leaving the European Union.

Considering the speed of communication and travel, we live in a global economy with many companies operating in multiple countries.

Bretix has left a great many people very uncertain with regards to the future prosperity of the Britain. There are serious questions regarding what the Border Customs rules and regulations are going to be between Britain and the European Union (EU).

For companies wanting to expand into Europe, more may end up skipping Britain and decide to deal with an EU country instead because once in the EU, all EU member nations become open to them with no additional Customs duties.

Plus there is a very real chance that Scotland and possibly Northern Ireland might secede from Britain and join the EU themselves. That’s what I would do if I were them.

So it’s no surprise to me that more companies are expanding to the Netherlands (as the linked article discusses).

Time will tell what the future holds for Britain and the European Union.


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