Too Much Prejudice In Many Private Religious Schools!

The recent situation where a religious private school in Kentucky expelled a 15 year old girl because of the rainbow theme at her off campus birthday party is an example of the widespread prejudice that many such schools actively hold against people who are different. LGBTQ kids are frequently the victims of such discrimination. It’s sick and disgraceful.
   The girl in Kentucky may or may not be LGBTQ, and frankly, it should not matter. She is a child who deserves to be whomever she is and receive a quality education.
   I am deeply disturbed that so many private schools are free to maintain discriminatory policies as well as teach outdated, ill-informed, and at times prejudiced views to children. For example, some private religious schools teach kids that LGBTQ feelings are wrong and that evolution is incorrect. Imagine how you’d feel if you were an LGBTQ kid being taught that your feelings are bad. That confuses and harms such children increasing the risks of depression, getting bullied, and suicide. As a matter of fact, LGBTQ kids nationwide have higher suicide rates than Straight kids in the United States. I bet such rates are even worse in the circumstances I just described.
   Folks, evolution has been scientifically proven and being LGBTQ is natural and normal for millions of Americans. Having LGBTQ feelings is not wrong! And it is horrendous that private schools are able to teach kids the opposite.
   Seems to me, that we need standards that all schools, public and private, must adhere to.
   Schools should not be allowed to teach grossly outdated and/or prejudiced views to kids!
   No child should be expelled because they had a rainbow themed birthday celebration!
   It is tragically obvious that the United States has a long way to go in terms of equality, fairness, understanding, and decency.

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