Senate Republicans Are Showing More Loyalty To Their Party Than The US Constitution. That’s Wrong.

The Republicans’ behavior in the Senate Impeachment Trial is disgraceful and no surprise.
   They are actively working against subpoenaing new witnesses or documents. It’s painfully obvious they are doing this to protect Donald Trump. Being an Impeachment Trial, their job is not to protect Trump; instead, they are supposed to be weighing all the evidence in an unbiased way in order to get to the truth, whatever that turns out to be.
   But it looks like they don’t want all the facts.
   They don’t want the full truth.
   They are desperately trying to get Trump off the hook instead.
   Personally, I want to know all the facts. I think John Bolton and others should be subpoenaed and testify. If Trump is innocent, the Republicans should want this too. Seems to me that every American would want to know all the facts in order to make the best decision possible.
  The despicable behavior of the Senate Republicans reveals that they are showing more loyalty to their political party than to the United States Constitution.
   Think about that. Their primary loyalty should be defending the Constitution, not Trump or their party.
   Because of what I’ve described above, I think Senate Republicans have betrayed their oaths of office.
   I believe everyone needs to take a good hard look at themselves and the state of this country.  Whatever your politics, standing up for the US Constitution, Democracy, Freedom, and the Planet should take precedence over party loyalty.


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