Trump Has Embarrassed The US And Worsened The Middle East Situation

In my opinion, the Trump Administration’s actions in the Middle East (leaving the Iran Nuclear Deal, killing Soleimani, and abandoning our Kurdish allies) have increased the likelihood that Iran will become a nuclear power and strengthened Iran’s position in the Middle East.
   The extremist leadership will be able to better consolidate its power within Iran and expand more influence into the surrounding region as more Middle Eastern countries and factions lose faith in the United States and turn on us. Iraq is already threatening to kick the US out of their country. If that happens, Iran will further increase it’s power in that nation.
   Iran has announced it is leaving the Nuclear Deal and will be free to reinitiate uranium enrichment. This means they could soon be well on their way to becoming a nuclear power.
   The United States needed cool, calm heads in the White House in dealing with the Middle Eastern situation. Instead, Donald Trump has inflamed an already troubled region and has increased the danger facing Americans and our allies (for Iran will retaliate after Soleimani’s killing). Now Trump has stooped so low as to threaten to bomb Iranian cultural sites, an act which would be sickeningly despicable and go against international law.
   In my opinion, this is that much more evidence in how unsuitable Donald Trump is in the office of President of the United States.
   We need to vote Trump out of office. In the meantime, we must speak out and put pressure on our elected officials to stand up to Trump to attempt to minimize the damage his actions are creating.
   And to those who have been supporting Trump, please speak out against him when he does such disgraceful things. There are times when partisan politics should be laid aside.

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