Election Day Should Be A National Holiday

I think Election Day should be a National Holiday so that everyone has the opportunity to vote.
   Too many people don’t vote because they are at work all day. Some have multiple jobs, kids to deal with, and so on. In addition, lines at polling stations early and late can be extreme since most people are working during the day.     
   This also deters lots of potential voters. 
   They’ve been toiling at their jobs all day, are exhausted, have families to deal with, and dinner to get on the table. The idea of standing in a long line in such circumstances can be too much.
   The result is that many don’t vote even though they want to.
   By making Election Day a holiday, more people would have the opportunity to vote. This is important because voting is a right of all adult American citizens.
   And they should have the opportunity to exercise that right.

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