Loneliness Is A Common Problem That Everyone Needs To Address

Loneliness is tough. Really tough, especially when it goes on for extended periods of time.
People experience loneliness for a whole myriad of reasons. Some individuals are lonely despite people being around while others are more physically isolated.
Usually multiple factors are involved in loneliness as opposed to one single cause.
The results can be brutal and painful.
Another thing which makes it worse is how this society doesn’t talk about loneliness or address it adequately. It’s like loneliness is a subject to be avoided and lonely individuals along with it. Seems like many people these days try to stay away from lonely individuals as if they are contagious or something.
Guess what! This makes lonely people feel worse and more isolated.
It’s time to talk about and address the issue of loneliness.
Those of us who are dealing with loneliness (I’m lonely myself) need to look at ourselves to see if there are things we can do to improve our situation. To try to enjoy life more, be happier. See if we are inadvertently doing things which could be accidentally contributing to our situation and try to make improvements.
Whereas those who are not dealing with serious loneliness should learn about it and open their minds and hearts. Don’t stay away from a lonely individual. The person is not contagious. Be kind and considerate. Say hello. Try to engage the lonely individual in conversation and include them in activities.
Be a friend.
Realize the lonely person is hurting. Be willing to listen and try to help them realize you want to be a real friend.
And truly be a real friend!
Don’t say you’re a friend but not follow through. That hurts the lonely individual even more and contributes to them losing trust in people. If you are busy with your work, friends, and family, try to imagine being and feeling alone. If needed, make some extra effort to engage and be a true friend to the lonely individual.
And to the lonely individual, I know you have likely been hurt and let down by people repeatedly, but remember to be willing to accept friendship and that friendship needs both parties to make an effort. You need to work at it too.
If we all start addressing the issue of loneliness which is becoming increasingly common these days, we can begin to make things better for millions of people.
Let’s make it happen!

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