Atmospheric Nature And Walking Tour Videos On You Tube To Help Ease Your Isolation!

   Hey there everybody!
   Now, I realize social distancing and staying at home so much is probably getting on your nerves. It’s spring and here we are staying home.
   Well, be sure to open those blinds and curtains! Let some sunshine in for goodness sake! Also, if you are allowed (like you don’t have COVID 19 and are not under a strict indoor quarantine), getting outside to breath in some fresh air can do wonders. Perhaps take a walk around your neighborhood or bicycle (but practice social distancing as you do).
   Another idea is check out You Tube. Yes, You Tube. There are travel videos as well atmospheric nature videos that you can play on your TV. Experience Mount Rainier in Washington, Death Valley in California, the Grand Canyon in Arizona, Bryce Canyon in Utah, and many others while taking it easy at home. There are walking tour videos of places like The Colosseum in Rome, The Great Pyramids of Giza, the ruins of Ancient Pompeii, and countless more. Some are short while others are quite long. Many are in 4K or HD quality. There are You Tube channels (like the 4K Relaxation Channel and Nature Relaxation Films) that are committed to these types of videos. Many are free. Some will have the occasional ad or watermark. A number of them offer a paid subscription to remove those, but frankly, I do the free versions.
   Be creative and think outside the box.
   And remember, however long this outbreak goes on, we will get through it!