Check Out The Amazing World Of Art! Yes, Art!

   Don’t forget art everyone.
   Yes, you heard me right.
   Art is a wonderful thing that comes in a wide plethora of shapes, sizes, media, and styles. It can be bright and colorful, dark and foreboding, or any number of countless combinations. It can be incredibly realistic and lifelike or quite abstract. It comes in many different forms such as paintings, sculpture, textiles, photography, video, and more.
   Art can be a fantastic escape from the everyday world. It can give you glimpses of the past and ideas of what the future might hold. It can take you away to places of fantasy and utter imagination. It can show happiness, joy, tranquility, friendship, and love as well as sadness, anger, loss, and pain.
   I know that many museums are closed right now due to the pandemic (and frankly, many need your support because these extended closures are hurting them badly). But remember that a lot of museums have at least some of their collections available to see online so that you can enjoy them at home or wherever you have a computer, tablet, or smartphone. The Louvre, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Getty Center in LA, the National Gallery of Art in DC, the Smithsonian Institution are just a few examples of museums with significant online collections. In addition, you can do searches on the internet looking for art, particular artists, artistic styles, and so on.
   So, why don’t you check it out.
   Expand your horizons and let your imagination run wild losing yourself in the amazing world of art.

Here are a few museum websites to explore…

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