Trump’s Lies About The Election Are Endangering America

   Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won the presidential election. That is very clear, yet Donald Trump has thus far refused to concede and is making baseless, destructive accusations of fraud. In addition to that, Trump is refusing to allow the Biden transition team the access it needs to prepare for the peaceful, safe transfer of power from the old administration to the new.
   All states are reporting that no significant irregularities occurred this election. International observers monitored the election as well and are also reporting that no widespread irregularities happened. As a matter of fact, an international observer report has criticized Trump for making baseless claims against the election.
   The United States is deeply divided to a scary, unhealthy degree with people, organizations, and political parties not trusting each other and often even hating one another. It’s hurting our nation. Donald Trump has exacerbated these divisions throughout his time in politics and the presidency.
   It’s no surprise that Trump is making unfounded claims of fraud despite having no evidence for it. He has been sending clear signals for months that he would act like this if he lost. Thing is, Trump’s childish behavior making baseless attacks upon the election is hurting our democracy. Even when Trump is clearly lying, millions of Americans still choose to believe him. This means that even though there is overwhelming evidence that the election was fair, millions of Americans think the contrary.
   This is dangerous and is really hurting our nation.
   Elections and the peaceful transfer of power is part of the very foundation of the United States. It’s a major factor in making this nation great. But Donald Trump (along with the millions of Americans going along with his dangerous behavior) is undermining the entire process with false claims of fraud and in doing this is undermining the United States itself.
   By impeding the transition process as he is currently doing, Trump is endangering this country’s national security as well as increasing the likelihood that more innocent people will needlessly die from COVID. Biden should be receiving intelligence briefings like Trump does, but Trump is blocking this from happening. Biden officials should be coordinating with Trump officials in the various government departments (such as the State Dept, Intelligence, Defense, Health, and so on) to ensure a smooth transition so that things don’t get screwed up and fall through the cracks. Again, Trump is blocking this. The production and distribution of new COVID vaccines is a monumental, complex operation that will go well beyond the date of the inauguration. Biden’s COVID officials need to be coordinating with Trump’s to avoid confusion and delays that would cost lives. But Trump is preventing this from occurring as well.
   People need to open their minds.
   Joe Biden won in a free, fair election, and Donald Trump lost. Time for people to accept this and move forward.
   To be blunt, stop blindly following Donald Trump! Don’t blindly follow anyone. Look at the facts using varied, reliable, independent sources for information. Don’t use sites that just tell you what you want to hear.
   There is no evidence of widespread irregularities. None.
   Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won the election fairly.
   Time for people to accept that and move forward. Demand that the transition process proceed. Put pressure on Republican officials to demand this as well.
   And for goodness sakes, quit blindly following Donald Trump’s outrageous, dangerous lies and rhetoric.  Don’t contribute to undermining democracy, people’s health, and the security of this nation because that is what Trump’s actions are doing right now.
   Stand up for truth, honesty, democracy, helping one another, and trying to do the right thing.
   We need to start working together so that we can begin healing this nation and get through this pandemic.

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