We Must Vote Trump Out Of Office

   Let’s get one thing straight. I’m an Independent politically and don’t blindly follow anyone or anything. I look at the evidence and make the best decisions I can. With that said, I must tell you that we all need to unite behind Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.
   I realize this sounds like some political ad. It’s not.
   The thing is: we cannot afford 4 more years of Donald Trump. We must vote him out of office, and the only way to do that is to unite behind Joe Biden and Kamala Harris because the next president will be Trump or Biden. That’s a fact.
   We all know how horrendously bad a president Donald Trump is. His outrageous hurtful rhetoric,  colossal scale of lying, authoritarian tendencies, xenophobic behavior, and gross mishandling of the COVID pandemic are well known. Trump seems to go out of his way not to upset Russia and has not held the adversarial nation accountable for its ongoing cyber attacks on the United States. He has not adequately addressed the serious accusations of Russia paying bounties for killing US and Coalition soldiers in the Middle East. He is using the courts to try to take away Obamacare in the middle of this pandemic without having any replacement whatsoever. If he succeeds, millions of Americans with pre-existing medical conditions could be at risk of losing their health insurance during the COVID 19 crisis.
   I could go on. The point is that whatever your political views, it is time to unite behind Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. We must vote them into the White House because we cannot afford 4 more years of Donald Trump.
   Let’s make it happen.

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