Too Many People Are Blind Followers In Politics These Days

   It’s truly disturbing how many people seem to be blind followers these days. Really disturbing.
   While it happens with a whole variety of people holding a plethora of views, ideas, and backgrounds, recently, it has been particularly bad with regards to individuals following Donald Trump.
   Think of all the outrageous things Trump has said and done. How he made fun of a person with disabilities and has not properly held Russia accountable for its ongoing cyber attacks on our country. Trump has grossly mishandled the COVID pandemic, which has likely cost lives to be lost needlessly and unnecessarily. He said false information so badly during COVID press conferences, that Dr Fauci had to correct him during the conferences. Trump has publicly undermined government officials from his own administration and insulted valuable allies frequently during his presidency. When racist white supremacists marched in Charlottesville, Trump said there were “very fine people on both sides.” What?! That is a sickening thing to say. Now he is attacking the US Postal Service and mail in voting using false claims in what many experts feel is an effort to suppress voters he fears will support Biden. Trying to interfere with Americans’ right to vote is undemocratic and goes against the very foundations of the United States. And these are just some examples of Trump’s outrageous, unethical, inappropriate behavior.
   Yet, many Republicans and Trump followers won’t hold Trump accountable. They stay silent or try to defend Trump when they should call him out.
   There are times when people should put partisan politics aside and stand up for what is right and against what is wrong.  Yet, many Americans are failing to do this and are choosing to stay silent or blindly follow Trump instead. This is sad but also dangerous to our democracy, for this sort of behavior is how terrible things can happen. History is full of authoritarian leaders using such tactics to gain and hold on to power. The past is full of examples of horrible things happening because people stayed silent or blindly supported a leader.
   These are disturbing times indeed.
   People need to use independent, reputable sources for information and have the courage to think for themselves. Don’t blindly follow anyone. Have the guts to speak out against a leader who is clearly out of line, even if you voted for the person.
   It is time for people to stop being blind followers.

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