Do Your Best To Keep Protests Peaceful. Violence Is Wrong And Alienates Potential Supporters

   The death of George Floyd was sickening, tragic, and gut-wrenching to see. There is definitely a problem in this country.
   But please, I’m begging people to keep protests peaceful. Violence is not the answer.
   I realize emotions are running high. Many are hurt and angry and have every right to be so. I also know that the vast majority of protesters are peaceful. They want to exercise their constitutional right to speak out and make their voices heard.
   Unfortunately, there is a small number of individuals who, for a variety of reasons, get violent. But folks, violence is wrong and hurts the cause.
   For long term, real change, protesters need to gain the attention and sympathy of the mainstream population. You want people to think about the underlying issues and possible solutions. You want them to talk about the situation with others and vote in better political leaders.
   Thing is, when individuals loot, burn stores, and wreck parked vehicles, many of the very people whose support you need are turned off. They often become less sympathetic to a cause. Also, violence can lead to further unnecessary, tragic suffering and senseless death.
   Please, keep protests peaceful and nonviolent as best you can.
   Encourage everyone getting involved that it must be peaceful. That is what Martin Luther King did. He said over and over that the protests were nonviolent. It became ingrained into the movement.
   I am imploring all protest organizers as well as protest attendees to reiterate over and over that it is and must be nonviolent. Make the concept of nonviolence a cornerstone of any movement. Doing so will save lives as well as gain you more support in the quest for positive change. 

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