So Far, The White House Has Not Provided The Competent Leadership Needed During The COVID Pandemic

   Well, well, well…more erratic behavior by Trump during this crisis.
   Let’s be honest. Trump has been all over the place. He said he had total authority over state governors, an idea that is unconstitutional and goes against the checks and balances built into the US government. Then he seemed to go the other way throwing much of it to the governors and tweeting support for the irresponsible individuals who were breaking social distancing rules protesting stay at home orders (orders which are saving lives). This latter move looks blatantly political as the states involved are ones whose governors he doesn’t like. Plus he wants to win those states in the November election.
   Now consider all the exaggerated (and at times false) claims he has made throughout this crisis and the way he irresponsibly downplayed the pandemic early on wasting valuable weeks that could have been used preparing for the oncoming outbreak.
   Yep, unfortunately, Trump’s behavior during this pandemic has been erratic and too often incompetent.
   The United States needs calm, effective leadership during the COVID pandemic. During such times, an American president should be working with the governors in battling the disease, not undermining them with immature jabs and irresponsible tweets. He should be helping to organize, not create chaotic confusion with inconsistent, fluctuating, and unreliable behavior.
   The American people deserve better, and frankly, during such a crisis, the American people need better. The White House should step up and do a better job. And in my opinion, we need to vote Trump out of office this November.

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