Trump’s Threat To Defund WHO Is Dangerously Childish And Immature

   Trump’s announcement to defund the World Health Organization (WHO) is dangerous, hurtful, and could cost lives
   WHO is doing vital work around the world in the war against COVID 19. Yes, they have made mistakes. People all around the world have. Thing is, WHO is trying and has admitted to making mistakes.
   Trump has also made mistakes in this pandemic. A big one was his downplaying the problem for weeks despite warnings from experts and the US Intelligence Community.
   A major difference between WHO and Trump is that Trump is not acknowledging his mistakes. Instead, he is blaming others. This sort of behavior is dangerously immature, counterproductive, and hurtful. It negatively impacts the battle against COVID by creating unnecessary divisions while potentially decreasing WHO’s ability to function as it needs to.
   The COVID Pandemic is a time when people, organizations, and nations should strive to work together as much as possible. Acknowledge mistakes, learn from them, and try to do better.
   Trump’s behavior, while not surprising, is hindering the response against COVID 19. And this could cost lives. Trump and the federal government need to do better.

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