Miss USA Pageant Will Have It’s First Openly Bisexual Contestant

Rachel Slawson was recently crowned as Miss Utah and will be representing the state in this year’s Miss USA pageant. What makes this a milestone is that Miss Slawson will be the contest’s first openly Bisexual+ contestant.
   Why is this a big deal you might ask?
   It’s important because the Bi+ Community is hurting and struggling. Even though more people are Bi+ than Gay and Lesbian, the majority are in the closet because of the lack of understanding, intolerance, and prejudice that we face.
   Yep, I’m Bisexual+ myself.
   Too much of society doesn’t understand what Bisexuality/Pansexuality is. People often believe unfair preconceived stereotypes that are false the majority of the time. In media, Bi+ individuals and characters often have their identities erased or are treated badly as confused, lying villians. In the dating world, many people categorically refuse to date an individual who is Bi+.
   Bisexuality is the potential for attraction to more than one gender. Pansexuality means attraction to someone regardless of gender. In other words, it’s just about the potential for attraction. Virgins can be Bi+ as can people in monogamous relationships.
   The Bi+ Community is varied and diverse. While some are in ethically open or polyamorous relationships, most Bi+ are monogamous and hoping to find someone special.
   Bi+ people are NOT a bunch of confused, lying sex maniacs!
   Most want to find that special someone. Sound familiar!
   That is why increased visibility of Bisexual+ people is so important. As Bisexuality/Pansexuality becomes more widely known, hopefully people will learn to educate themselves and let go of unfair, negative stereotypes that are false most of the time. https://www.usatoday.com/story/entertainment/celebrities/2020/01/23/rachel-slawson-utah-miss-usa-bisexual-beauty-queen/4560459002/

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