Catastrophic Australian Wildfires Are Example Of Climate Change Effects

One of the wildfires raging in Australia measures 1.5 million acres, about the size of the state of Delaware.
   And that’s just one fire!
   The devastation consuming Australia is heartbreaking. All the wild animals who have perished is horrendous. Australia’s beloved koala bears may become significantly more endangered as a result of the number killed and habitat that has been lost.
   Human Caused Climate Change is a major culprit in the nightmare unfolding before us. Hotter, drier conditions in addition to high winds are making fire conditions much worse so that we are seeing wildfires which are more severe in terms of number, size, and severity.
   All of us need to work at combating Climate Change. Decrease our carbon footprint and elect officials who are pro-environment.
   It’s too late to prevent Climate Change.
   Now, we are trying to minimize the damage.

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