Holidays Are Tough For Many People

It’s the Holidays!
But wait a minute…
For many people (me included), it’s a difficult time of the year.
Thing is, lots of Americans are lonely. Some have lost a loved one, others have strained relationships with relatives, few if any friends, never found love, the list goes on. And while the loneliness is still felt any time of the year, it can be keenly felt during the Holidays.
There is so much talk of friends and family this time of year that when you are lonely, it can be hard. The Holidays reminds many of us how alone we are.
So, if the Holidays are rough…
Hang in there!
Try to do something you enjoy. It’s ok to do some self care!
And don’t be afraid to talk to a professional if you need.
Take care of yourself!
Believe in yourself!
And never give up!

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