New Study Shows 1/3rd Of All Animal And Plant Species Could Go Extinct By 2070 Due To Climate Change

Here’s the deal.

Human activity caused Climate Change, primarily by increasing CO2 levels in the atmosphere. Elevated CO2 along with other Greenhouse Gases then warms the planet.

The evidence is overwhelming!

A new study by scientists at the University of Arizona shows that 1/3rd of all animal and plant species could go extinct by 2070 if Climate Change is not checked.

According to the study, a big problem would be the increasingly hot summers. Temperatures would reach levels that would be too hot for many animal and plant species to survive. Those that can’t escape or adequately adapt would die out.

In other words: Go Extinct.

Another study by the United Nations, released in May of 2019, says that up to 1 million species could face extinction due to human activity.

The danger is real and here now. We must all do our part in combating Climate Change!

Like making adjustments in our daily lives to be more environmentally friendly (decrease our carbon footprint).

Also putting pressure on elected officials and businesses to be more pro environment.

This includes voting out Climate Change deniers and voting in people who are environmentally aware and fighting to take action.

We also need to vote Trump out of office and vote in the Democratic Presidential Candidate so that the United States rejoins the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. Because fighting Climate Change has got to be a worldwide effort, and the United States should be a leader in that effort.

So let’s work together in battling Climate Change in order to minimize the damage that humanity is inflicting on our home, Planet Earth.